Tips and Tricks October 2000 3rd Strike Dreamcast strats (Update: Scans posted)

Links to scans:

Page 1: Kara throwing
Page 2: Tier list, Ryu, Ken, Yang
Page 3: Yun, Remy, Alex, Necro, Chun
Page 4: Q, Oro, Dudley, Twelve, Elena, Hugo
Page 5: Akuma, Makoto, Ibuki, Urien, Sean
B4 Tournament Report

I figured I’d share this for nostalgic purposes and laughs. Also in this issue: Spider-Man (main article), Incredible Crisis, UFC, and Ogre Battle 64. That should give an idea about the time period :lol:

Also, the results for the B4 US Street Fighter tournament under the Tournament Report are in here!

3s results:

  1. Alex Valle
  2. Hsien Chang
  3. John Choi
  4. Eddie Lee
  5. Mike Watson
  6. Martin Vega
  7. Jason Wilson
  8. Mike Devonish
  9. Henry Cen
  10. Joey Cuellar
  11. Arturo Sanchez
  12. Ray Teruya Jr.

It also listed tournaments coming up, including the National Marvel vs Capcom 2 Championship at Super Just Games in Illinois.

In another T&T I have, it had the high scores section and J.R. Rodriguez has 102 wins somewhere. I forget who was second but I’m pretty sure it was around 80 or less.

They start out with explaining that 3rd Strike is the 3rd game in the series and how they covered the game when it came out in Arcades. Then they go into kara-throwing. The whole first page covers it and has a list of ranges from 1-10, with Ibuki’s being a 1 and Hugo’s being a 9.

Then it goes into a tier list as follows:

Top Tier: Chun, Akuma, Ryu, Remy, Alex
2nd Tier: Ken, Makoto, Ibuki, Yang, Yun, Hugo, Urien, Oro
3rd Tier: Elena, Necro, Dudley, Q
4th Tier: Sean, Twelve

Then it goes into 1 combo for each character. I wasn’t in the scene (I was pretty young) but I didn’t think people knew about Genei-jin stuff back then.

Ryu combo: Cross up hk, cr jab, cr short, cr jab xx shinkuu

Ken combo: Walk up cr. short x3 xx shippu

Yang: cr. forward xx EX chops

Yun: In corner, jump in hp, st. strong, st. fierce, st. f+fierce xx genei-jin, shoulder, st. f+mk, jab shoulder, st. forward, jab shoulder

Remy: neutral throw, light of justice x2

Alex: St. Strong xx EX flash chop

Necro: f+strong xx spin punch xx electric snake

Chun-li: df+hk, cr. forward xx houyouko sj cancel fierce x2

Q: jump in deep fierce, st. forward xx dashing head xx critical combo

Oro: st. strong xx tengu, f+strong, st. strong, f+strong, repeat until tengu ends

Dudley: EX MGB, jab MGB xx corkscrew blow

Twelve: EX NDL xx XNDL

Elena: jump in strong fierce combo, cr. short xx spinning beat

Hugo: EX clap into megaton press

Akuma: sweep xx demon

Makoto: roundhouse karakusa, st. fierce xx fierce hayate

Ibuki: jab, strong, fierce xx EX kazekiri xx kasumi suzaku

Urien: cr. fierce xx chariot tackle xx tyrant slaughter

Sean: deep jump in roundhouse, st. roundhouse, xx hadoburst

A lot of the xx’s I listed are listed as 2-in-1’s. As you can see, with the exception of maybe Ken and Chun, we’ve come a long way in evolving in terms of combos that are BnB’s but these seem like the foundation for the most part of how we play today.

Reading these I felt like I was reading almost the barebones of what we know now, like a car completely stock, to coming what we have now which would be the equivalent to a super tuned vehicle. I can only imagine what an issue with MvC2 would be like compared to what we know today.

So yeah, just felt like sharing.

Just looking at this thread, I can kinda imagine why people didn’t like 3rd Strike. So barebones, and Remy/Alex were considered top tier(not to mention Dudley being low)…

The results are pretty interesting, though. I heard a lot about Hsien Chang from back then but didn’t know that he placed 2nd at B4. …come to think of it, I didn’t know that they HAD 3S at B4 in the first place. haha

I lold at Dudleys combo.

This is VERY interesting and pretty cool to look at.

Nice find! :tup:

You should definitely scan the article. I uploaded all the Tournament Reports from my old Tips & Tricks, but there’s still a lot missing. Also, lol at the Akuma “combo.” I think they mean standing roundhouse.

good read

LOL…I remember that. I believe an old friend of mine still has that magazine too. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder why they considered Remy top tier? Neutral throw combos and machinegun LOV FTW?

If I remember right, people didn’t start to get parry crazy til 02 or 03? Didn’t the Hugo player on the west coast (I forget his name) just start goin nuts parrying or trying to parry everything around that time? If that was the case I could see why Remy would be top, if they knew about the charge buffering they could zone the shit out of anyone with him and maybe advance.

Does it keep your charge if you throw a boom, hcb+k (partition), to throw another?

Upload the images and we’ll all nominate this for an article. Might as well start getting some 3S history on the front page with 3S online approaching from the distance. Definitely interesting to see how 3S has changed over the years.

Will do as soon as I get back to my apartment. I’m at my mother’s cleaning stuff out but will upload these asap.

Edit: Links to scans on first post added