Tips and tricks

and addictive.

I think this sheds a bit of light on my character choice :confused:

i forgot to log out of gabes screen name.

but yes, I agree, gambling is fun.

btw, i reccomend doing a karakara (or karachop) after a f+short corner reset instead of a dash in, whatever… when you dash in sometimes you go under them and that can be confusing, and the corner sucks anyway.

dashing under them is a common setup for sa2, or just mixup. it’s applicable similarly to ground crossups.

once again, a real gamble.

then again, most of the ppl I play against are wised up when it comes to sa2 set ups.

i wouldnt say its bad, i just think missing the karakusa and then being put to the ground in the corner somehow, is not a risk worth taking.

besides, karakara set ups are way more 1337. :lol:

Was playing yesterday and wanted something new to do against wake-ups. That’s where this trick came from, it’s basicly a trick to help the timing of the Karakusa. It works best against Shotos since they all wake-up at mostly the same speed.

After a universal non-nuetral throw (which might not be that often depending on your play-style):
immediately jump over the shoto (do an air attack to create the illusion of vulnerability) and do a karakusa as soon as you land. Even the shoto jab is not fast enough to knock you out of it. There’s a very small gap left, and it’s easier to time than fake-meaty -> karakusa. The jumping attack will most likely catch those who tech-roll the throw.

what about dragon punches? wouldnt they knock you out of the air? thats my main shoto fear when farting around with karakusa’s on wake up.

Lies! You play Yahtzee instead! I seen it! :mad:

Anything possible after when used as anti-air?

Well, see, you will have landed by the time they can reversal-dp so no knocking out of the air. but still a DP will kill you trying to get a Karakusa. But then again whiffed DP’s are messy shit. I think you can definitely get away with it a couple of times. If they start DP’ing I guess the obvious choice would be to let it whiff.

It’s not airtight, lol. but anything new will keep them guessing. Show’em stuff they haven’t seen before.

Not that I know of. It knocks them way too far away if you’re standing mid-screen. It’s an alright AA though, and you gotta love the stun.

I tend to think with shotos, its always good to see what they are going to do before throwing anything out there, or at the very most try to bait a dp with a early s.strong or wiffed jab…

I hear jumping strait up on wake up against ryu really limits his options beacause all he has a dp and the ex one only hits twice; not a whole lot to parry. cant remmeber where i read that, so someone correct me if im wrong.

After successfully doing the throw->jump-over->karakusa against my friends Ken a couple of times he threw and DP’d me out of it. After that I started waiting for him to stick out whatever and then punishing…
It’s funny that he never thought of jumping away :slight_smile:

More of a note to self than an actual tip:
after a crossup don’t tick throw with mp, but with instead. The latter combos off the, and won’t let them throw you out of it.

another thing:
Yun and Yang get up pretty fast, so forget about Tsurugi tricks on wake-up. I would keep it simple and…
bait whiff lk->
…->nothing/cr.block/parry (for the bastards with random EX or SA wakeups)
…->sweep / xx lp.hayate (feel lucky?)

They will probably be able to ‘option-select’ their way out of this…
ummm… then… lemme think… UOH? yeah… probably not the best but it’s faster than lp.Oroshi and goes over the low attack (resulting from the option-select)

That’s 4 ways to go… they work on everyone, not just Yun and Yang. Thing is… I HATE ppl who do random reversals… I don’t mind ken’s SA3, I’ve Karakusa’d blondie out of his Shippu more than once. Forget all tips and go study your opponent. =\

just out of curiosity…

do the people you play quick rise?

lol… not enough… and not everyone…
Most ppl I play against tech roll after a throw more often than not, and usually my options just go out the window and I just try to sweep them.

But they don’t allways quickroll after a sweep or a Tsurugi, that’s when I do the things I mention above.

Come to think of it, I play against a huge range of skill, from the way more sucky than me, to the way more better than me.


most of the people i play against instinctivley quickroll in most siutations (save maybe the corner sometimes), so i never get to do any crazy cross up shit or any tsurugi set ups anyway, and genreally dont expect them to just lay there.

i personally think the more options you have floating around in your head, the more difficult it will be to dish out solid damage becuase you are going to berunning through 101 different things you can do. I would just keep it simple and work on getting them back on the ground (sweep/throw) in a karakusa (tick/regular).

as for yang, I have been c. jabbed out of a lot of ticks and throw attempts on wake up, so watch out for that.

as for tricks…

latley i have found doing

s. jab

c. jab

f+ jab


c. lk

f+ lk

after the end of a lot of poke strings and connected hayates is a good way to stop any attemps your opponent might have of doing anything else (f+ jab is really good), and will give you the opprotunity to get in there and throw them to the ground or, even maybe a karakusa, depending on the distance. constnatly stuffing your opponents offense, so you can stay on the offense I think is pretty crucial with makoto.

Wuts the best way to land SAI

as shown by ino at evolution 2k3 – you spaz that shit. they jab you, you just do 67128361283782 hayates and the super will come out and own that jab up! :cool:

have a full meter

what do you mean by “best”?

most damage?