Tips for a Arcade stick for dpad vet


Whats up everybody havent posted on here in like 6months cant believe i registed in o5 damn thats a while back but anyway… Ya so I have used the dpad for 15+ years and got a HRAP2:SA a few months back and fell in love with it The DPAD feels weird these days… need a few pointers

First of whats a good way to get the paino presses down mine don’t flow right its not smooth any tips

also could I get a link to some begginer combos that I can practice on the Stick?

Any other tips to help me get faster and for moves to flow better plz advise

thanks for the advice

p.s. the stick has got me really addicted on fighters always have loved um but ive been logging 5+hours on SSF2HDRemix since it Dropped

Peace Fellas



piano is simple… curl your fingers… as soon as you hit the button, slide it down off the button rather than try to release it.

as far as combos go… depends on what games you’re going to play… HDRemix…

work on your simple attack xx hado, dp, charge, and half circle combos. eg…

c.hp xx hadoken
s.hp xx hadoken

c.hp xx dp
s.hp xx dp xx flash kick
blanka : charge downback, b+mp, xx horizontal ball

akuma: s.hp xx red fireball
c.hp xx red fireball

ok, you have the basics down… now work on your jump ins into this combos… so, jump in round house, c.hp xx hado

then work on your links into cancels Ryu:, xx hado

MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO SUPERS FROM BOTH SIDES… i fail at QCF inputs from the P1 side… :frowning:

then work on your super cancels. qcf, d+mk, d/f, f+hp with ryu, for example.


Pratice, pratic, pratice.

And never ever ever EVER go back to pad :wink:


Well I’m in a similar dilemma. I just picked up a Fighting Stick 3, and I’m absolutely horrible with it. I’m not sure what I should expect from just a few hours but I thought it’d be more than this. I need schooled on the basics as i can’t even get my hand orientation correct. I keep ending up pressing the diagonals when I don’t want to rendering a simple dragon punch motion useless, much less trying to do it x3.

What is a good basic tutorial or something for using a stick? I found this but there seems to have neven been a part 2 to it. This is incredibly frustrating for me. Any help would be appreciated.


when it comes to sticks if it feels good do it. Here’s a helpful post from BigPockets:

also the fighting stick 3 isn’t very good. so even if you doing everything perfect you’re still playing with a very imperfect stick. I’d recommend you get in contact with MrDhalsim and ask him to send you Execution Aid, load up ST and practice in training mode while watching your inputs.


Crap. I read/watched the reviews before getting the stick and everything seemed like it was a good stick. :sad:

Ok Lets talk extreme basics here. What are the advantages of stick? Is it more than a matter that most of you guys are used to them from arcade? I never had a decent arcade around or mean to get to one, so I’ve been using a pad all my life. Will I really see benefits from a stick or would I be better off sticking with what I’m most comfortable with in the long run?


For me pad players can do everything a stick player can but with less consistency (esp on TK motions)

The only real reason i started playing competively on a arcade stick is for health reasons and consistancy. I have literally played 12 hour gaming sessions in a AS and my hands never gotten tired. on a pad your wrist starts to hurt and you also have to take into consideration carpel tunnel and all that shit. you dont want to be doing permanent damage to your hands.


Anyone struggling with a stick should learn to play Danmaku games. I know you’re probably thinking “How would that possibly help me improve using a stick for fighting games?” Well they’ll cause you to do two things very quickly, focus and become very intimate with your stick. You’ll learn the buttons and how to make presisce movements. Once you can beat a Danmaku games with only a few continues no input on a fighting game will really seem difficult.

BTW square gates can also be kind of a obsticle at first. You might be using way too much force when you’re making your motions.

BTW2 this is a great starting danmaku game. It’s one of the “easier” (take that with a grain of salt) cave games, yet still offer challange.


the fighting stick 3 is an awful stick as well… you won’t get too good on it.


I cant rom to save my life on a pad… the buttons are too small for my fat fingers to claw it :looney:


What exactly is the problem with it? The reviews were positive and the price was low enough that I figured I could take the the plung into stick gaming.


Learn to play on both 2p and 1p side.


Thanks for those links. I’ve found changing my grip to something similar to what that Japanese guy in one of the videos was using (index and pointer in front of the stick, ring and pinky behind) has improved me from doing nothing I want all the time, to doing something I want some of the time.

Two people have mention the Fighting Stick 3 not being good. But what specifically is wrong with it? From looking at that other thread people’s stick preferences seem to be all over the place. I figured it’d at least be descent, though I’m not spending money on a more expensive stick so I guess I’ll just have to get used to this one one way or another.


i bought a Hori EX2, and a FS3… both have been great… I’ve had no issues at all with either.

So far the only thing i somewhat dislike is the extra buttons at the end of the stick. having 8 face buttons is a bit much, although it might not really bother you (its easy to deal with, i just got used to 6 buttons on the EX2)

and i would certainly recommend replacing the square gate in the Hori’s. It’s an easy mod that takes less than 10 minutes.

btw, if you hadn’t heard, Sirlin used the EX2 (stock) exclusively throughout the game, and he was able to get to the top of the leader board just fine.


Replacing that square gate does sound like something I’d like to do But, shouldn’t I be able to get descent even with a stock stick? I don’t think I’m ever going to play competitively so I can’t justify spending too much. Additionally I have so much of a gaming backlog right now that I don’t think I could put the time into getting good with a stick they you apparently need to.


They’re not made with real arcade parts. It’s all knock-off stuff.


Does this effect how well it reads inputs or is it just more likely to break sooner?


It’s probably just more likely to wear down sooner.

As far as the gate goes, the square one in it works well enough. You can get used to it and you’ll be just fine (some people prefer them), After swapping mine out however i think it feels a lot better. and its a pretty cheap mod too. The gate only cost ~9$ (before shipping i guess), and its easy as pie to put in.

Remember, David Sirlin (a lead developer on SF2HDR) used a stock Hori EX2, and was able to get to the top of the leaderboard just fine, so if its good enough for him, then you as a casual player should have no real issues with it.


Oh, that’s who that is! Well if/when this breaks I may look into replacing parts with Sanwa.

I’ve gotten better with P2 fireball motion. I’ve been practicing with Ryu, on HD Remix and Iori on KOF XI. I can actually pull off Iori’s QCB+P x3 if I’m on the P1 side from time to time.

Does it make sense that I’m finding the same motion more difficult with one character than another? I can do Ryu’s Dragon Punch with him. But I find it much more difficult to pull of Fei-Long’s Fire kick with uses the same motion just side reversed. I don’t know if it’s in my head or if the inputs are more picky. Same could be said for Iori’s dragonpunch motion+punch. Guess I still need more and more practice.


One question should I get the HRAP2 SA with converter for PS3 and PC or just wait for a HRAP 3. I dont mod so I wont have the time to put Sanwa in for the HRAP 3 and I still play PS2 and GGPO. And if I do get an HRAP 2 should it be regular or SA, and does Sanwa make an extra $30 worth it?