Tips for a Final Fight fan

Well I’m a new player to street fighter, I guess you could call me a coughcasualcough player. My first in the series was SF4 which was pretty fun, I mained Guile because of his hairdo and I was pretty good with him. My friend, who a professional SF player said I was an 8/10 casual player but a 0/10 pro. I wasn’t planning on getting SSF4 but then I heard Cody was in it, so I had to buy it. (I later learned he was in another SF game but eh.) Now I’m trying to get good with him but it’s not exactly the easiest thing I’ve pulled off. I’ve won most of my matches but I’ve gotten raped in others. I was wondering what are some good tips for Cody? Easy combos? Strength v. weaknesses? Strategies? Anything would help. Thanks.
All related cody stuff is there.

Ah thanks, first post, my bad.

No prob, the trials aren’t usually the most practical combos but you should definitely work at them to get acquainted. His combos really aren’t too hard. If you get stuck, just break them down. Usually the impractical combos are the ones that use a lot of EX Bars/Super Meter.

You probably already knew that, though, but good luck on your Cody adventure.