Tips for a Lowly Noob?

I need some tips on how to get better. The main reason I suck is because I’m finding it hard to combo & the main reason for THAT is that I find it hard to cancel/chain moves together. I can do it on occasion, but not all of the time. Is there any tips for me to learn canceling? Should I practice the move motions, do Mission Mode, what?

I already have a mini-list of characters I’m interested in playing as, mainly based off of I like how they play (luckily I like all of said fighters as characters). But any characters who would help me in my journey on understanding canceling would help too. I know Ryu is a good one, mainly because I can already sorta cancel with him.

I REALLY want to get good at this game since it looks like a TON of fun for people who are atleast decent at it.

First off, you’re not a noob, you’re a newb. People’ve got to start understanding the difference. A newb is just someone who’s new. A noob is an idiot who refuses to learn and thinks he’s better than everyone else, and usually rages a lot.

Second off, it’s really all about practice. Do you have all the motions down? Before you do anything else (as far as comboing is concerned), you want to make sure you can do Quarter-circle-forward (QCF), quarter-circle-back (QCB), and dragon punch (DP) motions consistently correctly. Once you have that down, you should head to missions mode with a character you want to play and try to do those combos. Missions combos, while not the best combos by any means, are great for teaching you how to use a particular character, and just generally help you with your overall execution ability. Ryu would probably be a good starting character for that. Others that might work are hulk, nemesis, wolverine… Afew others, but I don’t know all the derp characters because I tend to avoid them. =P

Good luck, and just keep practicing!

Thanks. I need to work on the motions, I can do QCF & QCFB most of the time but then it fails sometimes. Particularly for Deadpool, for some reason when I try to do his guns he does the move where he’ll jump in the air & throw something.

Any other tips or is getting the motions down & doing Mission Mode basically the best way to start out for Beginners?

The motion for deadpool’s ninja gifts (where he throws things) is QCF A~A, meaning it’s the same thing as the guns except you press the button again. If you’re getting that while trying to do guns, it means that you’re mashing. That’s a bad habit you want to drop, ASAP. Press each button only as many times as necessary.

As for the motions, just remember that the input for a QCF motion down, down-forward, forward, so you want to make sure you get the all of those in in that order, which means going high enough up that you get the forward, etc. For DP motion, just tap forward and then do a QCF motion in one swift motion, and you’ve got it. And for all of these, it’ important to remember that you have to complete the motion before you input the attack button, or else it won’t come out/correctly.

Otherwise, it’s just practice. Figure out timings, etc. If you can’t figure out the timing or how to get a move in for missions, just look up the mission on youtube so you can see how people are doing it. Remember, no mission is impossible. There’s always a way to do it.

I recommend you read this!


I wish I had this when I started playing out fighters for the first time. This really is how you should begin playing.