Tips for a new player

Hi guys, I’m Book Burning, a relatively known player in the MK9 community who transitioned to SSF4AE for a change. So far I’m loving it but my fighting game fundamentals have only gotten me so far. I’ve chosen Cammy to be my main because I’m in love with Sakonoko and always have been. (So handsome) but so far have been having some trouble, so I want to ask just a few questions and hopefully some of you veterans can help me out.

First of all when teching throws, am I supposed to be plinking? And if I am am I supposed to be plinking short jab strong or can I just crouch and press throw?

Secondly, the blockstun on this game is different than what I’m used to and it seems I can’t interrupt any strings on block until they’re basically finished and pushed back far enough because of the pushback on their string. Is that normal or is it just online being online?

Really, despite being a crap player (For now until I practice) those are the only two questions I need answered, unless anyone knows why the hell I can’t connect two standing m.punches with Cammy, unless that was patched or something for whatever reason. Also, any general tips will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Firstly, I highly recommend going and reading through the stickies for a game mechanics video. A lot of things function significantly different from MK9.

As for teching throws, plinking doesn’t really help. Inputting Down + Throw gives you a cr.LK, but techs all the same (Unless you’re snatched out of cr.LK startup by a throw attempt, which means you did crouch-tech 2 to 3 frames too early)

Blockstun is going to be significantly different simply in terms of options created. Every normal and special create their own respective amounts of blockstun and hitstun. The amount of frame advantage created can also vary depending on how far into the active frames the move is when it connects, since the attacker will be that much closer to recovery. Chained lights generally create “True Blockstrings” and cannot be interrupted, since there’s no break in blockstun. This is rather universal, since chained lights nullify the recovery of prior light attacks. This is different for unchained normals (Though not in every situation), which usually leave holes in their blockstrings.

Depending on the frame advantage created, there may or may not be time to sneak in a traditional, non-invulnerable interrupt between attacks, like a cr.LK. What will always interrupt is a DP, which is completely invulnerable. Thanks to the 5 frame reversal window, it’s really easy to get one in between blocked unchained normals. If they stopped pressing buttons, however, you’ll fly into the air and they’ll get a full combo on you. This is a huge part of the game for characters like Cody, Dudley and Makoto, whose strengths revolve around strings of attacks that don’t leave many gaps for “safer” interrupts like crouch-tech, and pressure you into throwing caution to wind and use unsafe means of escape.

So really, the tl;dr depends on what they’re pushing you away with, exactly.