Tips for a newbie sak


  1. Whats a combo for LK > xxxxx > Lk. tatsu to combo into exp tatsu usually i will put pressure on with Hp, if that gets blocked, lk tatsu then lk, the lk usually hits as they try to retaliate so i would like something to combo into after that

  2. When i reset someone, how do i stop them throwing me, or just spamming c. lk to break whatever i do.


first off… you said youre new… first learn the basics before doing the advanced combos.


thats my video with the basics + some others for competition level… some other people like to try these other cancel things… but ive seen some of their videos and they land them at less than a 90% rate which means FUCK THAT. ryu only needs you to fuck up once and its tie game.

as for your second question you gotta learn to option select… that will stop the throwing situation. or do the cross under immediately to a neutral jump roundhouse -> combo


If you land the c.LK after the reset meaty then you’ll hit them if they try to throw you, if you get thrown then it’s not meaty :frowning:


nice video. what song is playing in it? its pretty awesome.


I should clarify the first a little bit, what if they are crouch blocking, the ex tatsu goes right over them.


well the safest bet is s.hp xx lk tatsu linked into cr.hp xx ex tatsu


when u do the reset and u are going for the lk into combo what u want to do is do the option select throw. which is cr lk+cr lp. if he goes to throw u will tech it and if he doesnt u just throw out a lk


Beirut - No Dice


Or just actually do a meaty so he can’t throw you even if he tries… Or don’t do resets.