Tips for a piano black finish?

i’m going to be making my box out of poplar and i’m going for a piano black finish. any tips on how to go about it? i’m thinking prime, fill, prime, sand, paint (ghetto old paint brush style?), polyurethane coat?

i searched this forum, someone asked and got no reply. google search wasn’t so specific about poplar.


isn’t polyurethane a clear coat?

depends on what you’re using, but yea essentially you could use a poly clear coat. Also with a proper sanding block you might not need the first prime. Just use liberal amounts of filler(if its the pasty kind) to cover the entire surface and all the grain and sand flat. I highly recommend going out and finding a spray can of black paint in the color you want. Not only is applying spray way easier, its more consistent and dries quicker. Apply about 2-3 coats, sand, then another 1-2, then clear, then sand fine and buff/polish.

I would use MDF for that. But what you have to do is sand a lot. Primer, sand, color, sand, color, sand, clearcoat, sand, buff with rubbing compound.

Don’t forget the liberal amounts of patience! You have to give the surfaces a lot of time to dry/cure. If you want that “new car” gloss, that’s gonna take a whole lotta elbow grease (and maybe some headlight fluid).


I’d go searching around for zombie cpt’s painting guide. no one makes a shinier case than zombie cpt!

Bog, prime then paint black. For the finishing coats (the time consuming coats), use a polyurethane, apply 3-5 coats with a good quality brush or foam applicator, sanding lightly in between. Let it cure (very important), then sand, polish & wax.

You will have a finish you can be proud of.

See there:

Now that I know how little care custom sticks have in day to day use, I wonder if applying such a long and tedious technique to the casing is a good idea ?

well i guess lizard lick is out of JLF sticks and i couldn’t figure out what color buttons to order when they were in stock. so i’m going to be spending lots of time on my box.