Tips for beating down the Shotos?

At my arcade (Chinatown Fair) all I see are Shotos, mostly Ken. Since I’m not really familiar with the joysticks, and I’m just not that good at 3S :confused: I use Chun-Li, even though I really like Makoto and Yang more.

Anyway, so even with Chun-Li’s broken super, I can’t really beat up the Ken people there, so any general advice for fighting Shoto’s? Also, what should I do when I knock them down, and they’re waking up? This time when I went I use b.HP on wakeup, but they kept parrying it :wasted:

Hold back then punish.

If they are parrying you on wake up, stop trying to attack them on wake-up. Best course of action is like ToyRobotTerror said. Get next to them on wake-up and just back out of throw range and block until they are fully up.

As Chun Li you can poke with c.MK against because of it’s speed and range, it’s probably the safest poke you have, though your opponent could probably SA3 after parrying you if they are competent enough. s.RH pretty fast and high priority as well, but see what works best for you. Learn to Super-Jump-Cancel any moves that allow it as having mobility to stay out of Ken’s DP and Throw range will help a little. Keeping away from corners shouldn’t be much of a problem if you ever back yourself into one, wall jump etc. Don’t forget to utilize your Air Throw against jump happy players.

Most of it is really up to your ability to cope with the opponent and how well you are at managing your distance against the opponent. Learning to Kara Throw could be a great asset for you if you don’t already know how to, it keeps pressure on them and pressure can crack certain people making them do stupid things sometimes.

Against Ryu and Akuma there are different worries (in general) so you’d have to change certain aspects of your game for them, but generally, you want to mix it up with different normals and throws. Try not too readable to the enemy, even though that’s easier said than done. Just look at how you play and if you’re doing the same thing over and over in certain situations, it’s time to learn something new. For example, b.HP on wake-up everytime will get you caught so change it up. Back out of throw range and UOH / c.MK / s.RH / close s.RH SJC jump away. I’m not much of a Chun player so I can’t give much advice, but take what you can from my post and see what works for you.

Try to keep out of their max and range, walk back and forth within that range and bait it out. Punish the whiffs with -> SA2 if you have meter, if not, anyways. Reason being is that you will start putting fear into them making them scared that they will get counter poked again, so it shuts down a good amount of their poking game.

Another thing you can do is use as another counter poke for their low hits. Also like everyone already said, get down her Kara-Throws, it’s a huge part of her game and will again add a lot of fear into your opponent. They will start whiffing throws thinking you might Kara-Throw them, and then you can just counter with a super or again…poke em.

I’d put more, but now I’m lazy, hope that info helped.

Ok, thanks. Yeah, I did kinda get predictable with the b.HP. You think using Hyakuretsu on wakeup once in a while is a good idea?

Find a good, unpredictable poking game that will keep them off of you, and then just punish them whenever they mess up. That is what Chun-Li is best at. Make sure to have all the basic SAII links/cancels down and you should be fine with the technical stuff… then it’s all up to the mind games, where you will have to find your own style.

Its easier to beat Ken with Makoto in my opinion. Or you can learn Yun and Genei Jin FTW!

ORLY…Well, I never gave it a try, I guess.

if they are waking up with parries, maybe you should mix it up. high low mixups might get you somewhere.

You’re so helpful as always DomoKun.

Anyways, just keep at it with Chun. Unfortunately learning a different character to counter ones you have trouble with seems kind of redundant if you like the character you’re currently using. That and what are you going to do if a Ken player challenges you? You can’t always be the challenger. Learn your character and how to deal with other people with that character. If you want to learn other characters for fun, go for it. If winning is your fun factor then be prepared to learn your match ups. It’s not bad to actually play the characters you have trouble against to see what you find abusable and what you have to fear if you’re not good at picking out stuff just by watching. Every character has some sort of strength in their game, some more than others and if they don’t… well it’s just bad character design (or they just got nerfed to death after multiple revisions).