Tips for breaking button mashing habits?


I’ve identified one of my problems as button mashing. Example:

A fluid Ryu combo would go something like… j.HK>c.MK> Hadoken

My combos usually look something like… j.HK>c.MK.>c.MK>c.MK>.cMK>Hadoken

While it’s possible for me to get the timing on some combos down (like the one above i can usually do example one everytime) Alot of other ones i can’t without mashing or when i’m in a match i revert to tapping the button multiple times until i see my move connect then proceed with the next step.

I do practice atleast an hour or so a day, and i can usually find and connect things seamlessly witout mashing, but when i’m in a match (even without being pressured) i always always always start mashing again. Do i need neurological surgery? or are there some tips that you guys can bestow upon me to help me?


Keep reminding yourself not to do it, and remember that its just an online match, if you miss the combo because you werent mashing and lose then no one cares, the only way your going to break the habit is by TRYING to break the habit, not saying you will and then taking no initiative when combos actually come around


You’re probably already doing this, but go into training mode and do it over and over. Set the dummy to auto block so you’re sure you are linking the moves correctly. The trick is keeping a cool hand in the heat of battle, which is a problem I’m having too, but you just have to keep doing the motion so that it becomes muscle memory.


I just answered this in another thread so i’ll just copy and paste here. :stuck_out_tongue:

remember, a lot of us have been doing this for 20+ years. That said, you just need to go to practice mode and stop button mashing. Only hit each button of the combo once. Just let it fail, don’t try and save the combo by mashing. Just fail over and over again without mashing, and eventualy you’ll start to get it. By not button mashing your sub-conscious will start to pick up on the rythm and timing of the game after awhile. Button mashing does not let your get a good feel for this.

Its mental control. Your fingers spaz because you panic. You have to execpt that your gonna fail alot, and just let it happen. Also remember, its better to go slow. Combo’s don’t actualy have to be inputed that quickly, its just a nice relaxed steady rythm.

Start practicing by going slow. real slow. get a feel for the timing on the easier combos. Start slow and slowly build up speed till your at the right point. Trying to go fast right off the bat will cause the spazzing to happen.

Practice does NOT make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Better to fail 9 out of 10 times hitting only the right buttons, then to succeed a third of the time mashing.

There is no shortcut. But learning not to mash is the only way. Thats your first goal. Don’t worry about getting the combos off now. First get the correct buttons slowly, then slowly increase speed from there.

Also, don’t try and learn the whole combo at once. Just master the first two hits. then add in the third. then when thats perfect, add in the fourth hit, ect ect. Never try and just learn a whole massive complex combo in one chunk.


Go cold turkey. Go into trainig mode and only let yourself hit it once. Also you can practice link combos, you can’t really mash out links.

I used to do the same thing when I played. Every fireball was :qcf: + :p::p::p::p:

It really takes a conscious effort to make yourself not do it. 1 move, 1 button.


I have the same problem ive always done it in most fighting games, nice advice scarlingo7. cheers


I’ve halved my button mashing. I only button mash throw techs and to get the 2nd and third hit of dive kick for Juri.

The secret? I went to do trials, and I practiced various combos in training. It really helps, trust me. Practice right though, don’t button mash, do it slowly if you have to, but DON’T button mash. Start small like… Ryu’s hadouken. It just takes 2 buttons + 1 holding joystick motion and 1 quarter circle of the joystick. Practice that until you hear 2 hits of the buttons.