Tips for Breaking Throws (without Crouch Teching)


This is seriously the only FG I’ve ever played where breaking throws that I KNOW are coming seems impossible. If I’m confident of a throw attempt, I don’t want to be mashing CT. Is there anything anyone tell me that I may not have considered when it comes to breaking throws?


Are you playing online? That might be the problem, you can’t “see and tech” in online the same way you can kinda do it offline


Offline/Online doesn’t matter. Often times, if I read a tick setup, no matter how I vary the timing after blockstun I often can’t break the grab. Maybe I just need to focus more. Does teching neutral (w/o holding down/back) change things at all?


I have this problem too. “how many jabs will I do before throwing” is still a great mixup 5 years later rofl


You could try stand>crouch on every jab. The animation prevents you from being thrown :3

Combined with crouch-tech, might help a tiny bit.

Of course, good players will just start doing shorts or delay the throws, etc…