Tips for Button Config for Gen Players On Controllers



I currently rock Gen on a xbox 360 controller, but the biggest problem I seem to have is pre-charging as well as mk>hands. If anyone wouldn’t mind sharing their button configuration because I wouldn’t mind trying to learn a new layout. Did the same thing with Halo 3 at one point, which helped step my game up, but can anyone give me any major tips. Also with that said, which transition would be easier for me as a Gen Player…

Controller>Fight Pad
Controller>TE Stick.

Regardless I need tips and I was wondering could some of you share some insight on this please. thanks


i dont use a controller but due to a write up i made for another forum [will translate it maybe for this one aswell] regarding mk>hands and hands input in general, i also looked up how to do mk-hands on controller.

i found 2 options to be the best setup - again i dont use it, so it’s untested in its practical purpose.

  1. Change the front buttons to have all 3 punches. for instance change “A” to hard punch. you then slide over B~A,X,Y,X,A.

  2. to change the back buttons to the punches. for instance RS = LP, RT = HP, LS = MP, LT = PPP [or any punch] - You hit mk - and then use your middle and index finger from both hands to input the requirered 5 punches, keep sure to hit HP as 5th.

imo is the second one easier to pull [theoretical], but requires some weird button layout, where as you only need to change 1 button for the first. it’s up to you - you can also try other setups, or maybe you get around with only 2 punches for the shoulder buttons - if you fast enough.

feed back is appreciated, with which button layout you have the most success with.


I’ll explain even though I use PS3 controller only, since those two seem to be similar enough except for the location of left analog stick.

I’m not sure which layout you are using at the moment, but I use button layout 1 with LB and LT replaced by HP and HK respectively instead of 3P and 3K. As the result you have: B as MK, Y as MP, X as LP, LB and RB as HP, LT and RT as HK.
When doing MK>hands, you piano B+X, Y, X, Y, LB; with ring finger pressing on B, index finger on X, and middle finger on Y. You use left hand when pressing LB. Or you can piano B~Y, X, Y, X, LB, with same finger layout. Just for information, you can do cr.MP>hands with Y, RB, Y, RB, RB using only thumb and index finger. I only recently changed to this layout, but it seems to have a fair chance of success in MK>hands. You have to give up easy stance change though.


I am currently using default setup, but have my PPP as my RB and my KKK as my RT. That’s what I’m currently using at the moment, but I’m willing to try a different set up to step my game up as Gen.


I use the fightpad. Normal button configs, I can do everything on it, but I hold it like a joystick.

Just bought a qanba 2 joystick, so tranfering over. Only thing I cant do is the bloody oga on it!


Controller -> TE Stick is better off in the long run


Here’s the layout you should use: joystick on the left, three buttons on the first row, three buttons on the second row
:lp: :mp: :hp:
:lk: :mk: :hk:


I’m using a PS3 controller at the moment, how i did my controls are:

  • change to default A controls…
  • switch HP with low kick…

you will have:
X = High punch
O = Medium kick
^ = Medium Punch
[] = Low punch

I slide from MK -> ^ -> [] -> X -> [] -> X…


buy a sega saturn controller–end of story. that’s my configuration.

top left shoulder:3K top right shoulder:low kick
top row: LP MP HP
bottom row: 3p MK HK


Wait, what?


I use a ps3 controller but i guess the concept would be the same. I use config A but i swaped MP to R1 and HP to Triangle and I found I was able to do mk hands 99% of the time with a slide method going from MK (Cricle) > HP (Triangle) > LP (Square) LP (Square) MP (R1) HP (Triangle) . Makes using FA and FADC a bit strange as first though lol.