Tips For Converting Pad Players?

I’m sure that 99% of the members on these forums use a joystick, myself included. But I’m also sure that many of us have friends who aren’t as into fighting games as we are. When we get together and play fighting games casually with these friends more often than not they are strictly pad players. So every other match you have to swap out pads for sticks and vice versa, having to reconfigure the buttons between each match. These gets to be annoying enough that I don’t even want to play fighting games with them anymore. I have come across two common excuses they have for sticking with pads: 1. execution 2. cost. Being casual fighting game fans I have suggested good beginner sticks like the SFAE or Hori T5. I also explained how much easier it is to pull off more complex moves with a stick (spinning pile driver, final atomic buster). But they still won’t bite. Any suggestions?

Well, the biggest advantage I see is pressing multiple buttons with ease. Go off from there.

I’m on a stick, but I also like a good pad. I think the problem with your scenario is that they have to want it. If they see it as cost prohibitive then you’ve probably already lost. I’m thinking your best candidate is someone you let play on your stick and they get really into it. The casual factor doesn’t help either. I ‘like’ racing games, but not to the extent that I would want to invest in a $100+ wheel. That may be the way they view your stick.

I’ll tell you this. You’re not fighting a losing battle at all but you’re gonna have to take in in graduation and you’re going to have to do a bit of investing yourself. I have a group of friends I play Guilty Gear and Street Fighter with all the time and they have EXTREMELY different stick button configurations on a HRAP2:SA than a PS2 pad. So what I did at first was that I played them using a regular DualShock 1 then I project box’d a Saturn Model 2 pad for my personal use. After that, I began to bring my HRAP2:SA. This last bit was more of a pain than the others since I had to switch the quick disconnects from the panel to maintain the same control scheme, but it wasn’t so bad and I had the time since I play with a group of 10 and it’s a long time before I’m up again. After this, I started to bring a spare stick with me and convinced them to play on that and mine.

At first they absolutely hated me for doing it, but after an hour they felt that it was more fun and a few of them even commented about how “authentic” it felt. Eventually, I convinced one or two to buy their own and the others always prefer using sticks for these games whenever we play. The others who didn’t own sticks don’t have them simply because they don’t have a PS2 with fighters. So yeah, the whole idea is take it in graduation and it REALLY helps if you know your way around a pad. Work the control scheme ladder back down to the authentic arcade controls.

Let them play on what they want to play on. Why are they going to spend 100+ for a stick and take 3-6 months in learning it just because you want them to? If they own on a pad then leave them be. If it annoys you that they have to switch the config all the time then stop playing with them. Yeah… this may seem kinda harsh but you’re supposed to be having fun and the tools don’t make the player.

For1: We dont want to be converted

For2: We love our pads and can whoop you while ur on ur trusty stick.

For3: IF you realllyyyy wanna be a loosa about it… Just tell them that using ur fingers on a stick is easier than using a thumb for a pad… Sad part is… I don’t use my thumb, i use my fingers like stick users do… so they might use that against you lmao.

Let me tell you a story that should convince your friends.

It’s November 2006, I have been playing for 2 months on control pad waiting to get my custom stick built and delivered from my friend. Originally I had been playing on an X-Arcade which was ok but too big to bring to school, so I was playing a lot and on control pad.

Playing SF any bit well on a pad requires a lot of hand stretching, a lot of fast motions on the D-Pad and a lot of repetitive motions. This leads to a lot of stress on the hands. I wake up after a night of practicing some things and playing with friends with a noticeable lack of feeling in my first two fingers and an ache in my wrist and forearm. After a couple days it persists, so I go down to the campus doc.

Campus doc tells me to press the upper sides of my hands together and say if there is a tingling, pain any weird sensation. There is. Carpal Tunnel syndrome at 22. I have to wear a wrist brace for 2 weeks, lost some of the ability to do motions and things like that. Though I recovered, I still get strange flareups of problems in my hands and my abilities still aren’t at the level they once were.

Don’t play on a pad. Your hands will thank you.

Shawn2kx- No pad player has ever won any tournament ever. Sorry.

Man, after learning that about half or so of the top HDR players on PSN use pads, I don’t know what to think anymore.

Not true. I can think of a couple of occasions when it’s happened. Hell, I’m pretty sure I remember hearing about someone winning a Melty Blood tourney on keyboard.

One of the main reasons on why I decided it was time to switch to a stick. I play fighting games on a daily basis, but if I play for more than 20mins, I’ll feel my hands hurting a lot. I haven’t gotten to the point that I developed any health problems, but that’s because I never push myself too hard for long.

As for the OP’s friends… You said it yourself, they play casually. Like someone else said, that would be like buying a $100 steering wheel because I ‘like’ a few racing games that I play on occasion. I don’t even bother trying to push these things on my rl friends because I know it would never work. Sadly.

Blessed be Online mode.

It’s no different on Xbox Live. Some of the people who completely destroy me tell me that they’re using the left analog stick. :looney:

I thought I was the only one who had that problem. My thumb would ache after 30 minutes on the xbox pad.

Your friends have to want a stick of their own. My hands hurting was my motivation. Someone suggested letting them use yours, if they like it they’ll buy one. An Ex 2 is entry friendly at around $60.

One of the best bits of advice I can give is too use the search function and look up all the other threads on this subject.

just sayin.

Ok. But when I search I’m not finding anything like this started by anyone else.

what i did to convince my friends were to beast the hell out of them while at the same time flexing my greater execution while they fumble to even get a shoryuken out on pad.

me: you should’ve shoryu’ed
friend: i tried, but it didn’t come out
me: time to get a stick man, pad doenst cut it
friend: damn your joystick
me: walk up 360
friend: dammit T_T

I guess im just a master of the pad. My thumb only hurted on a PSX pad thats it. i hate that damn pad. oh an maybe a NEW dreamcast controller cuz it got sharp edges on the dpad, yikes.

I have a stick or 2, and noticed that you CAN do a hell of a lot more, but when ur pad user @ heart, and is REALLY good with one, its hard to throw away ALL UR SKILLZ, TIME, KNOWLEGE, WISDOM… to go a freaking stick that takes 6-12 months to master. sorry.

seriously I don’t get you guys, how can the learning curve from pad to stick be 6-12month ?
maybe I just really suck at pad compared to you, but I got up to speed really fast when switching to arcade stick, I still have bits of issues moving to one btn to another at the right time and which finger to use (buttons are really close on pad so it’s straightforward) but for the motion, having a stick is a million time better than any Dpad (and yes I was playing on good pads, ascii ft or neo cd pad both ps2).

I still have issues with 3D fighters as I played A LOOOOOOT of Soul Calibur 1 on DC(with dc controller), and I have a hard time adapting from square layout(pad) to curved line layout(arcade).

anyways, yeah just let them play with you arcade stick or show them how easy motions and multi button press are made. (or if street fighter how hard it is on dual shock2 to target combo from square or circle to R1 for example)

and like Grits’N’Gravy said, extensive pad playing can really hurt your hands…

3 weeks at most really to get used to stix imo. half a year, is “are you even playing on the thing”

I’d go with Ikagi’s advice on getting them into stix. It’s easy if you get them into fighting games and everyone is doing well. eventually there will be a limit, and (hopefully) you’ll still be able to advance.

I pretty much got a friend into stix, because he got obsessed with 3s and is currently on KB(wireless too, we have to get him custom hot keys -.-). Hes gonna try and get a SFIV one later.

I have no fucking idea what Melty Blood is. I play Street Fighter.

I meant for the Evo games, no pad player has EVER won an Evo or a US major afaik. Except maybe DOA4 that one year it was held, but I have no idea about that game honestly.

And for the thing about pad players on HDR, maybe it’s that they’re too lazy to plug in a Stick on a game that honestly doesn’t take that much execution skill. (what is the hardest reasonable combo in the game, Ryu crossup hk forward+hp x super?) I could and was killing players about the same on pad as stick when I first got HDR, the experience just lacked for me. I am pretty sure the first couple times I played YOU Rien were on pad and it didn’t really make a difference in my play. Just saying.

Can’t stand pads. Too many blisters. Once you go stick, you don’t go back.