Tips for dudley anit-air

What’s a good anti-air for Dudley?

DP doesn’t seem to be very helpful since it usually gets stuffed, or on the rare occassion it will trade.
Your only option with DP is EX version or you DP on an early jump in.

I’ve been using c.HP, but even than that move must be timed correctly for it not to trade.

Any other anti-air moves I am not aware of? besides ultra 2

st. hp - it trades with most
st. mk- pretty reliable.

In conclusion use st. mk


St mk is a good anti-air but it´s NOT a good punish.

Learn to AA with EX srk, because the crappy damage of is not going to make people scared of jumping at you.

Throw in an ex counter occasionally. They will either empty jump or not jump at all for awhile.

on rare occasions, use the rose. I hit a claw player out of his wall dive with it

Well, it does stop the opponent’s jump pressure pretty efficiently, seeing how it doesn’t use meter. If you stuff a bunch of jump-ins effortlessly, the opponent may pretty much stop all-together, leaving their approach that much more predictable. Cloud the mind, and the body will fall. Though, both at the same time would be nice…

Crouch HP is also really good against floaty jumpers like Bison.

Learn to do a deep hp dp and it will trade or beat then you can do big damage juggles

yeah trading DP isn’t such a bad thing. Dudley has a ton of juggle options after the DP trade.

S.MP is his best AA as C.HP hit box is smaller and takes longer on startup and the angle of it is very weird. i never use C.HP

Also if you space the opponent right you can hit them with a normal DP when they jump in. the distance is about Boxer’s Sweep Range with C.HK with his tip of the glove.

I like standing MP a lot especially against shotos. Anything that would hit too deep or cross-up you can use the counter for anyway. And yeah, it isn’t a strong punish but i would assume u would find this situation when u have your opponent cornered to begin with. The s mp forces them into a reset and helps u maintain pressure although u don’t get a knockdown.