Tips for fighting against Kazuya


ive been playing the game for a while and my Main team is Cammy/Asuka and my Subs are Raven/Asuka and Sagat/Cammy. I feel comfortable with these characters and im “Fairly” skilled but Kazuya has been a thorn to my side since day one. I just cant beat the guy! he can go in easily against everyone i use especially Sagat and he can do INSANE damage especially when tagging in since he can instantly just pull out a super after a juggle. So can you guys give me tips against Kazuya? it doesnt have to concern the characters i use, just general tips.


ummm, learn his mixups and block them? he doesn’t really have too many tricks up his sleeve, no teleporting or projectiles like other chars

Please ask for advice on matchups on the specific character boards.