Tips for fighting Ibuki?

I have huge trouble fighting this ninjabitch. In fact I think she’s probably the toughest character for me to fight, even more so than Chun-Li.

Whether the Ibuki I’m fighting is good or not, it seems like they can stuff most of my shit during its startup just by throwing out crouching shorts, standing jabs, etc.

Combined with Ibuki’s high/low mixups…I have lots of trouble.

My only strategies are (these are among various characters)

  1. Mash out Shoryu/ My character’s fastest poke
  2. Stay in the air so she can’t interrupt all of my normals ( I saw RX do this…I think.)
  3. Use Chun-Li because Chun-Li’s normals are faster and higher priority

And that’s about it.

BTW, I mainly use Makoto and Yang.

  1. block low, react to overheads.
  2. build meter
  3. don’t low parry too much

4. keep blocking

When do I try to win, though?

when the ibuki breaks down and gives you an opening?

if you’re paying attention to her overheads you can jab dp her her lil ground axe kick thing. build meter, punish her whiffs, and keep blocking. she’s gonna have to do stupid shit to try to win if you’re winning already

Ok thanks youre the best :smiley:

BTW since it seems like you know a lot about matchups…WTF do I do about Akuma’s hurricane kick? I always try to crouch under it, sometimes he passes over me and I try to attack but I attack the air in front of me (he’s in back), sometimes he hits the back of my head with his foot…is it safe for him if I block the whole thing and try to punish after? If not, how should I get him out of it? EX Fukiage?

i assume ur playing makoto lol. easiest way to get around his tatsu? block high and punish when he lands lol.

oh yea. ibuki has the 2nd worst stamina in the game, but also the 2nd fastest pokes, and shes the unfornutate short height where her jab will hit you crouching. block low, react to highs (parry them or punish them), and after a few punishes you’ll find a dead ibuki. Its almost like fighting Yun in GJ, to me at least…

Ok thanks for the tips. I can just imagine how broken she was in 2n Impact.

Wow…I didn’t even see this topic. Yeah…Ramza summed it up. He would know since he beats me in tourneys all the time. :lol: Basically if you’re playing a good defense you’ll eventually find an opening and it’ll hurt her bad.

Oh and a shoryu is not a poke. Pokes consist of normal attacks…not specials. LP dragon punch is good for spacing during obvious poke patterns/strings but it’s not really an abuseable poke per say.

Yeah I know shoryu isn’t a poke, but I used to try to mash it out when Ibuki would do s. LP, s. LP, walkup s. LP, s.LP, forward+HK, etc.

Hey DevilJin wanna play on Kaillera so I can try to get used to Ibuki?