Tips for getting decal art on a stick?

I’ve already trashed two print outs from kinkos. I was going to try to like stick it on there first and just cut through the holes of the top plate? Has anyone had luck with that? Any tips for someone who is completely HORRIBLE at cutting? I even made a pattern out of foam board and every thing.

what kind of stick? a custom stick?

Esh… Sorry to hear about your troubles, have you tried - I get all my stick artwork printed and cut through there and they do a great job, check it out.

Yeah I was thinking of that. I think I might like the top being plexiglass a little more than the lami-labelled sticker thing.

and it’s a T5 hori stick. I’ve got basically everything done. Except the art. I guess I’ll just wait until I get paid and save myself a little hassle, I didn’t think I’d be so awful at cutting stuff like this out, but I’m really just horrible at it.

I guess it’s for the best though, now I’m going with a full out hamtaro stick rather than the buddha I was going to use. Happy thoughts … happy thoughts