Tips for Guy?


Just curious on what you Guy players are doing with him. Combos, how you approach matches, etc. I’m using him alongside Akuma. Any information is greatly appreciated, as I have no idea what I should be doing in the lab.


Guy is all about pressure. You’ll be using his target combo more than the bunshin chain, as well as mixing in run stops and grabs. Your whole goal is to keep people guessing and frame trap the Hell out of them. His target combo forces stand, but if you land a jump-in or one of his elbows, you can cl.HK -> Bunshin chain into a few different shenanigans.

You’ll also be aiming to hit your cr.LK, cr.MP and cl.MP for your frame traps. You can cr.LK -> TC -> Run xx Slide so you can start your Oki game, which you can intermingle all of your other available options.

I’m not a highly advanced Guy player, but one of my friends plays Guy and he annoys me to all holy Hell. Don’t make your run xx stop too predictable, though. Someone can just mash jab or short and get a free confirm if they know it’s coming.