Tips for Ibuki (SSFIV)

Hi everyone,

I picked up SSFIV last month to casually play with some friends, but I’m really not very good. I really like Ibuki’s move set, and was wondering if anybody could offer tips, links or specific tutorials that could help me step my game up.

I’m getting a little tired of losing every single match, y’know?

ibuki forums.

Well Ibuki really isn’t very beginner friendly, but you can pull out a few wins with any character when played right. Ibuki forums are a great way to learn the character more in depth, but for starters I think what you should really focus on is learning all of her normals (i.e. which ones are good pokes, what’s your AA, etc.) and specials, and when to apply them (i.e. using AA when somebody jumps in, obviously).

While you’re learning the basics, a good habit to get into is be patient, and watch for your opponent to make mistakes. For example, if they try to sweep you but you block it, you have a TON of time to retaliate with something that’ll put out some decent damage, you could either sweep, start a combo (more advanced), or throw out a special. Any big moves that you block or avoid are generally opportunities to punish that are very easy to take advantage of.

Worry about combos and Ibuki’s vortex (probably the most advanced part of her game) later, for now just learn fundamentals and patience. Also there’s a thread on the first page of the Fighting Game Discussion forum called “Footsies guide…”, read that, and make use of it. Learning to zone and make use of footsies and patience are some of the most important things in this game.

Learn easymode vortex. Learn easymode target combo mixups that look like they belong in Tekken 6. Win without anything resembling timing or thought. Or give up, because if you can’t learn ibuki, you really have no chance with anyone else.

Yay ibuki.

do crouching midpunch and buffer neckbreaker. that shiz is god like, no joke.

Your stupid what you trying to say that ibuki is easy. If you are you have never used her before. But wait let me guess you have used her and are godly with her right??

To the op just remember even capcom said ibuki is in no way for beginners so you really have to take your time with her.

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@ OP[-total-guide-people-who-want-learn-ibuki-]-232320/