Tips for kens mp hp

what makes me mad is that when i play people online all the pro kens just get me with that dam mp hp srk. what makes me even more mad is that when i go do it to them they always block and i can’t seem to ever land it on them and they land it on me. gah i try to be random but i never ever land a simple walk to them mp hp srk or special. any tips ?

Mix up low shorts and grab until you can make them try to parry low or throw then meaty mp hp.If you can’t meaty consistently bait out shoryu’s. With alot of characters after ken throws them in corner and you keep dashing while they quick rise it will cross-up which most of the time will leave them open to mp Hp

wow dude that dashing wil they quick rise it sounds reallly really useful and thx for the advice mix up low shorts and grab and make em parry low . by the way what is meaty ?

Meaty means if they try to do any moves on wake up your meaty move will hit them because it hits perfectly as they get up.Doesn’t work against some supers and some moves that have invincibility in the beginning of the move.

Meaty Chain Combo or Meaty St.HK are the best options outside of just simply doing nothing on their wake up.


Meaty is technically a move that can be used so that your opponent actually gets up while your move is already out, and wakes up into your move’s frames.

Ken has 2 main meatys (the better ones)

  1. (close)

these two moves will stuff most wake up move attempts, like throws or whatnot, and if done well, you can stop shoryukens also. since both of these moves can be cancelled into a super, these 2 moves provide you with all the high-low mixup you really need (on a simple basis). if he starts blocking low on wake up, just start throwing the bitch until he starts teching. then go for either the or

wow this meaty thing really really helps thx guys now i see that those meatys stop a lot of wake up moves, can’ t wait to try this out more thx