Tips for learning command grabs

One thing I’m terrible at in all games is command grabs. The command grabs for Makoto and Abel I’m completely terrible with hitting with them.

I end up getting jabbed out of it or I whiff it.

How do I go about setting up and making sure I’m within range of command grabs?

IF you can do grabs for makoto and abel, you can do gief type grabs just as easily.

You don’t need to do the full 360 motion for a 360 grab. You need 7 d-pad inputs to do a 360 command grab. so just do a makoto or abel motion for the grab then hit either uf+p u+p ub+p. I personally like doing f,df,d,db,b,UB+P. go to training mode and see which you like to do.

hopefully my advice helps!

For Makoto’s I think you can do Dash Punch -> choke-a-bitch. Or just dash normally since she goes so far, then do the grab while she’s moving. Its fairly easy to hit-confirm.

For Abel, I’m not sure haha.

If execution is your problem, then listen to the uther guys, you don’t need to do a FULL “U” shape. Just start from downback and curve to forward, it should come out.

I’m really asking about how to put yourself into a position to set up the grabs.

I always get jabbed out of it or I whiff them.

Execution is not my problem.

that’s because with gief and hawk, guys are slow and dudes are always running away.

what you want them to do is condition them to stay on the ground block. even though gief isn’t a footsie character, he has a decent jab, decent that are quite respectable. make them respect your ground game before you do shenanigans. but many people are just scared of those guys and you can never condition people to sit still.

This is not a simple question to answer. Grapplers are dangerous when they get close to you that’s why it’s usually quite hard for a grappler to get in on an opponent. I would recommend reading the matchup thread in the Abel or Makoto forums. If you can’t find the answer, post your question about a particular matchup. There are different ways of gaining ground against the various characters.

This is coming from a Gief/Hawk player, but to set up a command grab, you know the opponent is going to come into the fight fearing the grabs, so they’re gonna run away and bunny hop.
Step 1. Teach 'em to stay on the ground.
A simplistic example (with some holes in it, but it’ll work for now) is to stand over someone on wakeup. They’re probably going to jump away. So instead of grabbing on wakeup, stick out a normal like Gief’s standing HK that’ll catch them out of the air. Or, alternatively, a meaty combo.

Awesome, now they’re afraid to jump on wakeup, because grappler’s heavy normals usually hurt.
Step 2. Remind them why they used to jump.

Once they’re conditioned to fear your poke, give 'em a hug.

It’s not a fullproof system, and is very much dependent on Yomi, but if you can read your opponent well it’s a good way to put a hurtin on them fast.

Of course, against newbies and scrubs, there’s a Step 0: teach them to fear your grab in the first place. If they never get past that point, SPD, approach, rinse and repeat until victory.

Grapplers, IMO, should not rely on their command throws as their only way of winning. Gief, Abel, and hawk have a great set of. normals, pokes And damaging combos that get the job done. Command throws are a way to punish your opponent when they screw up. So when that link misses or dp whiffs you can lay some hurt down.

Generally i will try all the cheesy tick’s i know if i noticed there dp spamming or whatever its pretty easy to either just block randomly after a tick setup, block dp, -> spd or w/e