Tips for Learning how to practice

I am getting extremely frustrated and instead of continuing to be salty, I want to buckle and learn how to get better. I continuously get bodied online, and even after watching my replays to see what I lose to, nothing seems to change. My biggest problems are:

  • Opponents throwing out seemingly punishable moves (i.e. Cammy’s Spiral Arrow, R. Mika’s chargeable dropkick, Nash’s Moonsault, Ryu’s Tatsumaki) then comboing me afterwards because my punish was too late. I play Chun Li and Karin, so after my opponent throws out a blocked special I try to cr.MK into a combo but I get fucked up for trying
  • I learned how to block cross-ups and to stop pressing errant buttons, but as a result I eat a lot of throws

Whats the best thing I can do to get better? I know the game has barely been out, but is there info out there that can show the exact timing certain specials can be punished? Also is there a practical way to get better at teching throws? Not being able to punish blocked moves and not teching throws seems to be the biggest holes in my game.

Thanks for the help

You need a sparring partner or teacher. Someone that can show you the ropes and force those good habits and reactions into you. When you just kinda go around online on your own there’s no one really pushing the idea of those mistakes. You just make them and don’t have an exercise for fixing them…

Mika’s charged drop kick is plus 2 on block so the whole point is to NOT block it LOL. Most characters have a move that can go under it before it hits or stuff her out of it before it hits.

Set the training dummy to do the moves you are having trouble punishing on block over and over again. Practice punishing those moves on block.

I’ll go fishing for sparring partners because I’m sick of getting bodied.

So whats the best way to handle Mika’s drop kick, if you can’t block it? Just allow her to do it freely? If so, how can she be punished for it? That’s BS if she can just do it whenever she wants

She can be hit out of it if you react fast enough. Do what @Krazysh0t said and set the training dummy to Mika’s dropkick and practice reacting/hitting her out of it at different ranges to see what works with the characters you use.

I feel your pain. I have the exact same holes in my game, I find that playing against Nash or Ken is usually an exercise in frustration. They seem to be able to attack almost indefinitely and I go into this horrible turtle mode where I just wind up being thrown / crossed up. I’ve heard that a well-timed jab (assuming your character has a good one) can actually interrupt many blockstrings but haven’t got this to work - I just eat a big combo. When I’m attacking I feel okay - I’m able to perform pretty decent combos but when I’m on the back foot it all falls apart.

Going to check back on this thread in case there are any other good tips. Not really sure how to use training more to help with this, a specific move (such as Mika’s dropkick) is okay, but it’s learning when to tech a throw and when to continue blocking that I find hard, especially when cross-ups get added into the mix!

How to get better:

Goto Battle Lounge, set up a first to 5 or first to 10, set comment to “Looking for someone stronger than me” and have some good sets. You’ll improve by a large margin; instead of playing against people who ragequit for points or repeat gimmicks that give you bad habits for points.

Otherwise, go to training and set the dummy to be really strong and spar with it for awhile; especially against an opponent you hate fighting.