Tips for n-groove sagat?

i recently switched to n groove but the only character i’ve learned to play decently is iori. does anybody have any advice for n groove sagat. also a suggestion for a third character would be much appreciated

If you’re going to use iori and sagat in a N groove team you should use someone like chun-li in the middle. Iori is a great battery with great mixups. Add chun in the middle and she will benefit from the meter. Sagat on the end as the anchor. Tips for N sagat? I’d say tips for N groove in general would be to learn how to mix up low and high game with small jumps. You can mix up the small jumps every once in a while by small jumping empty for a tick throw. Learn how to break stock and go right into tiger shot super for anti air purposes. Learn all of his links. Basically the best tip for learning any character(s) in general is from experience and by upping your execution with them. Knowing frame data is a plus and knowing their match ups also. Sagat and Chun-li don’t really have that many bad matchups but iori has some. If you need anything else from there don’t hesitate to ask.

what i’ve been doing with sagat is sm jump rh. into super but i need to learn some of sagats links. i can’t do the c.shortx2 into tiger knee combo and have trouble with some others. i guess i’ll need to practice more. hopefully chun won’t be as hard to learn

The method I use for tiger knee is to do a, then move from forward to down, another then df + K. I find this way pretty easy for scrapping that combo and deciding to use a block string if the cr.lks are blocked.

You can use st.lp dp/tk which will work just as good against tall characters.