Tips for note taking?

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had good note taking tips just for keeping tracks of personal notes of things like match-ups, combos, frame data, etc.

Right now, im kinda just coping & pasting things of interest in notepad, but Its starting to get hard to keep track of everything. I know its a very basic question, but id apperciate any feedback.

Thanks again!

Pen and paper for life! I don’t keep notes on frame data because it’s already out there, but I keep personal notes on combos, match ups, which characters I’m having trouble with, in-match things I need to work on, and a quick punish guide, to name a few.

I try to get a bit of structure into my notes (obviously doesn’t fully work 100% :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Like, I make a tab for a specific character and then split it up into combos, punishes, tech, matchups, personal notes.

You can try that. It does take quite some time to set this up properly though. Gotta sit down for a bit and figure out your structure, then prepare it to fill in your notes.
I honestly still have to do that myself ^_^’ hopefully will get to it this weekend.

Sorry for the late reply. That’s again for the tips! Much appreciated

If you get the Frame Assisted Tool app it has a pretty good note taking section, where you pick which character you are, and then has a section for general notes about the character, and then you can pick your opponents character and put in matchup specfic notes as well.

Try to Keep your writing short when taking notes

[] Don’t write full sentence
] Grammar is not needed
[] Don’t try to correct your spelling mistake
] Write only things you think is important
[] Your notes should answer your question
] Use Abbreviations which can help make your writing shorter

To give you an example from

This what information looks like

"*Meaty is a term used to describe a move that is executed just as the opponent is waking up. There are multiple reasons as to why you would use a meaty attack, and they vary from game to game. A couple reasons are: to beat out reversals and create counter hit opportunities, to put your opponent into block stun as soon as they wake up to start throw mix up games, and also to also lessen the recovery of said move.

In regards to lessening the recovery of a move by making it meaty, when you are hitting the opponent with the last few active frames of a move, their hit stun stays the same, but you recover much faster. This allows you to link into moves you wouldnt normally be able to link into. Beyond that, if they block it, their block stun stays the same but again you recover much faster, which can make throws and other mix ups much more dangerous.*"

This is what a note would look like

Meaty -> move done on wakeup

Multpile reason
[] beat reversal
] create counter hit
[] lessen recovery
] start throw mixup

hit @ last active frame -> hitstun stay same but recovers faster
[] allows links normally not possible
] blockstun stay same if blocked (makes throws/other mixups dangerous)

I didn’t know how to take note until highschool. This is how my special ed teacher taught me.

Deadass: evernote helped me learn Tekken, SFxT, and is now helping me learn Guilty gear.
You can take notes everywhere, from your phone, tablet, computer, or the web.

a funny thing about notes, before he moved to New York, F3 alucarD was a regular at the Walraven Weekly’s in Detroit on Monday nights and He was always on his phone before, during, and after matches. I thought he was just bored but as it happens he kept notes on everyone he played and would review them before a match and update them after a match. So if someone had bad habits he would record that and exploit it.