Tips for online for new comers

I figured I’d get the ball rolling here to help each other out with what we can do against “flow charters” here in this game. I consistently keep having trouble with Hakumens who either spam C or do his shoulder check. I’ll use my barrier to try pushing him back(I main Hazama) but I’m not sure how I am supposed to turn the tables on him for this.

I tried jump over him but that’s a no no since he can just do crouching C to thwack you out of the air. If I try to shoot my chain quick he’ll shoulder check me before it connects. I tried to do downforward C to sweep him but again no dice. I didn’t have burst as an option either.

So anyone got some tips on how to deal with these mash Hakumens? :smiley:

Hey… I’m playing a day one, well day two if you count today, mash Hakumen… my advice is to just let me win. :slight_smile:

but seriously, I know the characters that give me trouble is anyone who is better than me, but besides that is good zoning characters, Hakumen has no really good way to get close safely, and i have to be very patient, also getting mixed-up sucks. It’s like i can play patient in zoning and spacing and slowly work my way, but I eat so many over-heads and throws becuase once i get close i want to unleash hell!

xD Lol at your advice.

If I remember right this hakumen found a way to really just keep pressure on me with his shoulder checks. Every once in a while he’d shoulder check, I’d block, then he’d go for a grab. If I failed to tech then he’d tear up a lot of health with a few C’s. He also would jab me a lot just for some free damage and sort of set up a bait of me hitting a button so he could shoulder check or C me with sword.

So I suppose based off of what he did to me that since it worked you should try to incorporate some of it into your game against Hazamas.

Big ways I got damage on him was if I hit with chain or he blocked it I would latch in to land on his back side and quickly low sweep to set up combos. So try to remember which side a Hazama is coming in and know that we thrive on getting a downforward C to set up a combo for damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck Hakumen players. I have zero respect for any of them and mash fucking C bull crap. Just when I think I’ve put enough space between me and him with barrier, then wham I eat another sword poke, or jump into a crouching sword poke.

It’s really frustrating since my character as far as I can tell has to work hard to earn his wins and deal damage through some pretty time sensitive combos you can’t mash your way through, but then this fuck can just pick Hakumen and hit me twice with his sword to even it up.

This was the same character I couldn’t stand in CT and the reason I stopped playing online altogether. Every other character I feel has to work to a good extent to earn their damage, hell even Tagers do way more work than damn Hakumens.

Anyone got any damn tips for beating Hakumens consistently with Hazama?

I play a bit of noobie Hakumen. I haven’t really given Hazama a whirl so I can’t paritcularly say what you need to do to get in. A tip to be weary of though, is that when you shoot your serpent chain, Hakumen can use his C attack to cut it on impact. When he cuts it, there’ll be a dark ball of energy in the screen that gives you damage if you touch it. He can keep ringing this off whenever you shoot your chain, so just be on your toes for that.

For what I know of Hazama, he’s pretty close ranged and Hakumen has a lot of good Pokes with his new 4C attack. I would say you’d have to try and bait a C slash with Hazama’s Serpent Benediction then A, B, or C attack. The few Hazama’s I’ve played have all been really airborne, Hakumen can capitalize on that with his attacks (as you already know).

Not sure what other tips I can give. As I said, I don’t play Hazama, but I am familiar with Hakumen. If you do get in, you have to be careful of his counters too. You may just have to sneak in and use Serpent’s Benediction -> C and scoop his feet then reel into Hazama’s air combo. Not sure what else I could tell you from a Hakumen viewpoint.

Lol I dont know about you bro, but I main Ragna and Hakumen users are no problem for me. I do the 1st hit of HF and rapid cancel, then start up a combo. I do it from because no one expects, and its a great combo opener. The problem I have is people using v-13 (I still have BB CT, so its v-13 for me), because the multi hit thing confuses me. They shoot the swords, then trip you if you are stand, or use the hook move if you crouch. And if you block all of those, they grab you and start up a air combo. And if you are far, they use the time field and hit you the the swords that come from the air. its a big hassle, sometimes I win some, and sometimes I lose, but I have to be on my game. Im doing good if you ask me, yesterday was my 1st time online.

Sorry for the double post. Um, zlatko, I just watched a combo vid of Hazama. Um, why don’t you use that green rope move that pulls you toward the opponent? It looks like it stuns well, and it can open up some mad combos.

Lol such scrubbiness ITT, my advice is to stop hold forward and mashing buttons. Hazama can deal with hakumen evenly, are you even aware of his drive moves?

=/ Give me some credit jesus. I don’t mash and I block and barrier to open up space to get people off me. Hazama has a hard time with Hakumen and Tager. I read up on the match ups on Dustloop to get a better handling on it. If Haku sword swipes your drive chain it makes an orb mid screen that if I touch does 900 damage for free and also makes it impossible to press forward until it goes away. This allows Haku to move his way in and push you towards the corner. Plus Haku can be about 10+ feet away from the corner and still be able to keep you trapped since he’s got sick range with his pokes.

I’m still trying to figure out what my air to air options are to beat him out, and I’m also not sure yet when I do get enough space betwee me and him after his pressure on what to do to take back hold of the situation. If I’m not fast enough to chain back to the center of the map then I’m in for a beat down.

Yeah I’m not a pro by any means, but I’d like to think I’m not an idiot either which you seem to think I am. Hazama is like one of the only characters who can’t get away with mashing lol. Plus a lot if not most of his combos are done through timing, because mashing will screw it up.(Granted his jump Cx5 is meant to be mashed at rapid speed to connect them all. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m getting a little more used to the match up. If I can figure out the spacing game and effectivley anti air him constantly I’ll be able to deal with the C mashing ones for sure.

Sorry for the wordy reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

A tip for new comers, use Jin or Ragna. The more simple and easy to pick up characters. Large range, easy to spam, anyone can do damage with combos. When I use those characters I tend to go back more often trying to use the right range for those spam moves or when close range it is easy to spam if they are already blocking. Ragna could start a long combo from a good reaching kick poke so that’s also something to look out for. Well than again I have won a few matches by just mashing drive with Noel so go with that if your brand new.

Tip for newcomers: try out who you like (Hazama in your case) and play them.
Hakumen ‘spams’ C because it’s pretty much his only option for comboing into specials (at least in CT).
Learn to use your normals, you don’t need to C sweep him.
Hakumens Slashes are fairly slow and shoulder check is short range. Learn your footsies and some zoning to get that combo in. Also find out the option selects.
I still play CT so I can’t tell you character specific info but that’s basically the case. I’m sure you can do it after some trial and error.

I guess it depends, I consider Bang an easy character but that’s just because I used him a lot.

Tagor and Noel is a bit brain dead because you typically repeat the same patterns and use the vacuum thing and hope it works along with combos of course. There’s something I just don’t like about Ragna, he heals himself and you typically use long combos to make up anything you screwed up. I guess its Rag and Jin are alike, to me they are the type to get into block strings and stay in block strings until they finally start a combo which could last a really long time.

Slime guy? Arakune? He’s one of the harder characters to use effectively. However, I completely agree with you that Tager is an ideal choice for beginners. Ranga, Noel (like you said) and Jin are also fairly easy to get a grasp of in this game.

Tager is not good for new players. He’s good against new players since he can ib->punish even small mistakes for massive damage (not to mention tech traps), but he sucks unless you learn to ib consistently.

Ragna has by far the simplest gameplan to learn. Either play Ragna or the character you want to play starting out.

(edit: whoops, totally didn’t see the timestamps on this thread, sorry if this was a necropost)
anyways, you said you were looking through the matchups at dustloop, did you check the specific vs. hakumen thread?
Hazama vs. Hakumen

anyways, I find that J.6D is really really good against hakumen, especially one who always always starts with 4C. instant air dash back 6D is a free combo against mindless mashing of 4c. if your opponent is trying to zone intelligently, baiting his 4c’s and such with canceled chains is a pretty decent plan. you can usually catch him recovering from the 4c as long as you’re out of range.

if he’s all up in your face or got you in a corner, 632D-B does wonders, at least for me. if he always j2c’s at you, expecting to block a chain, it makes him eat a nasty CH combo.

about all i can think off of the top of my head. currently learning hazama myself, and things like that are what i have to keep in mind as i fight my friend’s hakumen. if you can do it, IB hotenjin is always delightful.