tips for oro

i’m thinking about learning how to use oro so,
what are his strengths/weaknesses and good/bad match-ups?

in my opinion his strengths are his pokes as they have good priority and can beat quite a few things. he has unrivaled jumping abilities (double jump!) and his super jump goes so high you are in shock the first time he does it :wow: (ok a bit of an over exaggeration there). use this for yagyou when your crossing the opponent up etc. good stun and good super bar build up (eg chicken combo). he has real good mobilty for an old person :clap:
i feel however he can get easily hounded with pressure esp from yun and the genei gin stuff. :sad:
use yagyou or tengu for different match ups

The biggest tip u need to absorb : whatever you do make landing a your goal. Tengu Stone is not as deadly as Yagyou loops but it’s my choice of super- landing a close mp = winning half the match if you have superb execution.

Winning the other half is not getting killed before landing the close mp because it’s not as easy as it seems.

Don’t hestitate to use reversal EX uppercut if you get into really sticky situations. Just don’t be predictable.

Oro is very mobile and has tons of little tricks. standing fierce is a decent overhead so mix it up with things like karathrow and xx command grab and close mp xx EX Tengu.

Learn the chicken combo jab reset it’s a vital part of Oro’s trickery game.

O and his neutral throw does like 2 points of damage so if you throw use the backthrow. unless your opponent is already cornered.

so its all about landing a i use to use tengu but i now use sa2. is it better to kara with mk or rk and i mean kara throw and uoh and stuff. oh and one more question, to tech a grab do you have to tech with a neutral grab?

get used to teching grabs while crouch-blocking. (GASP!!!) yes you can do that.

that way you won’t whiff tech-throws and get punished. if you tech while crouching and he doesn’t throw, a crouching jab will come out and that is generally very safe. this goes with all chars.

his mk kara is good use but again his neutral throw is complete crap and i can’t find a very good application for his UOH outside of tengu strings.

i was fucking around with oro and been using tengu stones… I was complaining about how the bar is too long and oro doesn’t have a solid rushdown to build it up… then I found something… HOLY SHIT!!! chicken combo w/, m.hop repeat till u can’t juggle no more builds like 75 percent meter!!! :open_mouth: thats the most meter building combo in the game!!!

watch man of gold

my new tip with oro, turtle like a fucking beast, think about it oro is made for turtling, vertical fireballs, greatback dash, double jump, super high sj, 1 hit that leads to 50%+ damage…

…this character is made for mad turtling/runaway

What SA is good to start off with?

Tengu stones IMHO.

both tengu and yagyou is good and they’re both game-winner supers off a friggin close mp.

yagyou takes some time to be consistant. tengu is easier to pick up. plus, non-ex tengu is a good chip dmg dealer.