Tips for playing Around the Exectuion Barrier


I’m desperately trying to just be decent at this game and I can’t stress how bad Im nerd ragin off this game (I have a cushion specifically for punching now…im a nice person too). The thing that’s killin me is the time restrictions. Seems like this game has absolutely no buffer system beyond cancels for a lot of things. I try to wake up and do an ultra and I either get it a few frames late or nothing, same thign with after block stun. I try to combo after an air hit and something goes wrong and I get SRK’d out of it. My Ubiki vortex kunai comes out too late or too soon and I get raped. I don’t think I would be so bitchy if the damn game had a reasonable buffer system or at least didn’t have you get destroyed everytime you make a small timing error.

Despite my displeasure Im tryin to endure and get better and hope timing eventually comes in and I can finally have fun with the damn game when Im not just vortex spamming people sadly worse than me online.

How do you suggest a new person dive into this game? What strategies should I lean toward to compensate for poor execution till i get it down? I’m so used to easy timing like with MvC2 or easy move set with SC4 that I’m barely grasping how people even play this game with the strict controls.


You have to practice…

Just try to use your more reliable moves online and risk the ones you suck at rarely.

I play ranked online by going to arcade and turning on fight request. Not only do I find I get matches quicker, but I also get a bit of time to practice combos/links on the first level arcade medium CPU (pretty much a training dummy)

I don’t really know what you’re looking for. What strategies can you expect? Either a strategy where you learn the execution (practice), or a strategy where you avoid the execution (use simple moves only).


To be honest, the execution windows in SSF4 are really pretty forgiving. One thing I did, and still do from time to time in order to stay sharp, is play older fighting games like 3s and A3. The input windows are much more strict in those games and it really helps to improve your execution for a game like SS4. When I say they’re strict, I mean it is very strict, so prepare to dive into a deeper well of misery and despair as simple qcf, qcb, and half circle specials will seem practically impossible to pull off.

You’re an Ibuki player, so maybe spend a couple weeks with 3s and just work on getting off some specials in a consistent manner. It’s what I did for Dudley, when I came back I was able to regularly pull off a lot of special and super cancels I wasn’t able to before.


Stopped reading there


^^Ubikis Ultra 1 is 2 frames and will beat a lot of stuff out…so if i predict they’ll immediately attack and it’s not meaty…yeah I’ll try it on wake up.


As for advice I guess im looking for things like “mash and you’ll either kick or grab break rather than trying to go for a combo”. So I guess im asking for safe options rather than damaging ones that risk me failing to execution errors.


You have to practice

You have to be able to go into training mode and hit your combos every single time


tips, dont ever mash anything ever…

but honestly, do balrogs (boxers) trials over and over… he was the character that helped me over my execution hump… I do not main him, but trust me, his combo timing is perfect for learning

also, even if you predict theyll attack on wakeup, backdash, not ultra… WAY safer habit since predictions are never 100%


Never, ever, EVER do a wake-up Ultra unless your opponent did something stupid while you were knocked down.


Why would you ever practice combos on a charge character if you don’t main a charge character. Hell, why would you practice combos on a character that isn’t your main at all? There’s like no combos that require EXACTLY the same timing, so you have to practice combos for your main, not some random character. Especially when the special motions are completely different.


Strict controls? This is this easiest Street Fighter ever made.



"Never, ever, EVER do a wake-up Ultra unless your opponent did something stupid while you were knocked down.


give yourself all the excuses you want in the world but ibukis ultra gets beat out by tons of shit. Just listen to snakeaes.


worked for me, helped me learn execution… dont see you asking the dude who plays A3 or SF3 to stay sharp these things… balrogs combos are very easy to execute and are just down right good for learning the input system in ssf4

and to address learning characters that are not your main: that is probably one of the fundamentals of quality street fighter play… if you know what your enemy is capable of and what it looks like, you can easily avoid frame traps, tick throws, and learn what hard links they have where you could potentially safe backdash out of

your comment about practicing combos for non main characters is misguided… practice implies trying to get good at them, not trying to simply learn what they are… i never said to practice with balrog but only to do his trials to learn how the game handles things… 2 great things will come out of this, you will know rogs basics for matchup purposes, and you will understand execution enough to tackle your main character and really get down and dirty with all the main characters ins and outs

as for charge vs shodo, whatever to that, special cancel timing is very universal despite the moves being executed differently

just trying to give the guy tips, and everything i said took my game from scrubby ranked matches and wake up ultras to tournament play


I advise everyone to ultra on wakeup against me. I’m SO FUCKING GREEDY.

Are you sure you aren’t just getting flustered? 100% in training mode will net you 20% first time you go online with a new character.


You play an execution heavy character so there no way around it, Ibuki plays like that, if you can’t land her links and cancels you’re probably going to get owned by people on the same level with easier character, and some people worse than you.

Also, wake up ultra :nono:


it’s 4, mash for that reversal my dude.


were talking about the option select lk plink lp on wakeup right or to tech throws right? i dunno, maybe its just me and the locals i play with but no one mashes it, the time it on wakeup or with every hit landed on them in order to time the tech right


Topic of the year, all years.

Seriously dude, you’re not going to be good without practice. Execution isn’t as important as experience. Just play against people offline. Odds are, you live in range of a meetup. Just go. Playing online is no substitute. You’re not going to seriously learn that way.

You can play around execution (I suppose) if you have experience. Seriously just play. That’s all you need.


training room. you need to be able to execute the moves you want and when you want.