Tips for playing as a charge character

I have been playing with fireball characters for as long as I can remember. And thought I should try something different. I tend to play neutral, not too offensive and not too defensive. Any suggestions for making the switch, techniques and good starter charge characters would be helpful.

Charge all the time.

And for what game? sf4? Blanka.

charge partitioning

dont charge back… charge diagonal down back and you have to learn your characters pokes which lets you charge your moves while you’re still attacking

when you charge count out loud.:tup:

Charging down/back instead of just back gives you options but you should “mask” your charges and attempt to keep some kind of mobility. Obviously, anyone decent knows you are gonna charge anyway but dont just sit there like a dumbass. At the same time you can play aggressive without heavy pursuit that would put you at a disadvantage. Charge before moves, after moves, DURING moves. Always try to keep a charge.

In combos, know whether you’re going to connect a standing a crouching attack so that way you can just make the transition accordingly and not lose charges. Obviously you’re going to have to lose charges for a second, like when advancing and whatnot but you will eventually become accustomed to going right back into one.

You beat me to it.

An addendum: learn to go back into DB charge position after ANYTHING. If you have to jump forward, tap that stick UF and immediately go DB again. If performing a charge special, tap the stick to the necessary position along with the button press, and immediately go DB again.

Learn your charge times. In online matches, don’t be afraid to experiment. Even ranked, online, means nothing. And above all else, make sure you’re having fun playing a charge character.

I like charge characters more than motion characters, to the point that QCF motions are more difficult for me than charge moves. :rofl:

Motion characters encourages players to sometimes go wild, while with charge characters you have to be precise and trained with your execution or else get your ass kicked. It keeps you humble.

Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: I think I’m going to give Chun Li a try. I didn’t realize you can charge by holding DB. Great tip. I’ll utilize it. :lovin:

You can charge in the air too…and before each round before the announcer says “FIGHT!”

Dictator is the best Charge character… although I dont main him in this game Yet… i just love the way he plays… the only thing that pisses me off about him is that his psyco crusher does not go through fireballs… he’s covered in fire for crying out loud… but his combo’s makes up for that… and teleportation…


As a beginner you should try blanka. Very straightforward, has strong normals. Don’t need to rely on combos so much.

One of the things that will help you especially later on is learning how to play without your charge as well. You seem a lot less intimidating to your opponent if you’re stationary the entire time, even with charge.

What I generally do is learn ideal distances to charge since it won’t do any good to have a charge and not be able to use it.

But yeah, mostly what everyone else said.

some characters in other games have offensive options as well such as Vega to an extend and Leona from the KOF series. The trick is to always charge so you don’t get run down, and charge characters is one playstyle you should know frame for, at least to the point of when to do a move and not get hit/traded from it as I got punished for doing a move too late.

Counting out loud does help when you’re practicing, def. figure out the charge times between the characters tho and figure out their flow.

i count out loud when i’m at the arcade

ok blanka hold back for 2 seconds then foward and punch RAOOOO

It’s okay to lose your charge. You have to be able to know when it’s better to push forward and use your normal attacks than hold back for a special move…

When you are using something like Guile’s Sonic Boom for example…you’ll want to do this motion.

:l: Hold 2 sec :r::l::p: as opposed to the suggested :l: Hold 2 sec :r::p:

The first option allows you to start a charge immediately after releasing the initial Sonic Boom. This allows you to fire them off quicker than if you were to use the second option.

Check out [media=youtube]mARorBkHxt0"[/media] video by Gilley.


yes very important. Learn your characters normals and don’t become over dependant on your charge specials as your opponent will notice and start pressuring and crossing up on you, forcing you to mess up your charges. I tend to have that problem a lot myself

I would have never thought of doing it like that! That sounds brilliant!