Tips for practicing TK motion's in Training Mode

Hey all :slight_smile:

For some reason every game i play, i always end up picking characters that require the use of TK’ing moves! (AE: Ibuki, UMVC3: Zero - Viper - Spencer)

AE is ok because the game is relatively slow compared to UMVC3 but i was wondering how you guys/girls ended up learning how to pull off TK moves 90% of the time? Are there any tricks/shortcuts/buffers that you all use?

I am all for repitition in training mode untill you get it down, but if there is some sort of technique (Plinking in AE) i don’t know about that drastically improves the success rate of TK bomber or Grapple, i would love to hear it :slight_smile:

PS: I am not sure if this should be posted in the general section, however those who use Spencer would most likely come to his forum first to learn how to TK OTG grapple etc so even if nothing beats good old fasioned grinding, at least new players will save themselves time searching for something that doesn’t exist :stuck_out_tongue:

First, move the stick down, the roll it all the way to Up-Forward (like a QCF, but ending in :uf:) .
Learn the timing between you hitting up, and Spencer leaving the the ground, hit the Button after you’ve felt him leave the ground. any sooner and youll cancel the jump into a grounded grapple. (should also learn this timing for S, jc, H grapple combos)

the only time youll really need to know the FASTEST timing, is OTGing after a Bionic Maneuvers. otherwise you can just kinda jump and do it quick. OTG windows in this game are as big as trains.

You have to end in up-forward and wait a second. The game has a few frames where you can cancel your jump with an attack and if you tiger knee too fast, you’ll get a normal attack instead (this is what allows the S -> jcc UVG to work). You’ll have to look for when you’ll need it though, figure out your combo’s and such. TK Bomber is important for corner combo’s as is TK qcf M for corner and midscreen, but there are ways around using TK’s if you’re having trouble doing them.

If you have a stick with a square gate they’re easier to do since you should be able to really feel when your control stick is in the upper left or right gate.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

I find that the main problem i have is that i can be at one end of the screen and pull off 10 TK OTG Grapples in a row, but when i need to land one in the middle of a combo in a match i botch it up most of the time :S

This is just something that needs to be practised and will get better with experience.

At first my main issue was:

  1. The speed of the grounded TK motion (Should i be doing it extremely fast or slow and precise). After i got the hang of it after an hour or so, and using your advice of waiting a split second before hitting H, i don’t even have to think about the timing as much :slight_smile:

  2. After a Bionic Maneuver it was confusing when i should start buffering the TK motion. Once i figured out the timing for the inputs it was time to move on and practice different ways of getting that first hit in and start these combos :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that affects me when it comes to Spencer is that he has what feels like two different timings for his TK motions.

TK into his grapples can be done nigh instantly after you lift off the ground.

TK into his Bomber requires a slightly longer delay, otherwise Armor Piercer comes out.

That’s what it feels like to me anyway.

When you’re conscious of it (or nervous, such as in an important match) you’re more likely to speed up your inputs and cancel your jump into a grounded wire grapple. Deliberately take the time to separate your stick input from your button to slow the whole thing down (I find I tend to input it too fast as opposed to too slow). If that works great, if not speed up/slow down accordingly.

I agree, though I think it might be a mental/visual thing due to the much slower startup of the bomber move. In my head though it still feels like 2 different timings.


Similarly, I just can’t seem to get the hang of the vertical grapple after a launcher. Do you want to do the tiger knee motion and hit the button as you get to the up forward, or do you hit the button at the end of the quarter circle forward, and then move to the up forward?

hit the H right when you get to the UF. The timing is a little faster than doing the H OTG wire grapple. You basically don’t have to worry about any timing issues like you would when you first learned how to OTG wire grapple. Just do the motion quickly and you should get it. And practice in training mode by just s.SxxUWG a standing dummy. If it comes out you’re doing it right.

Christ, I swear trying to do this on a pad makes it difficult as all hell. I can TK for the OTG grapple just fine anytime, yet I’m still having trouble with this damn super jump cancel-canceled up grapple. For some reason I can do it just fine if I stand there and hit S then TK grapple, but whenever I try to put it into any kind of combo, I just can’t get it. Most frustrating single technique I’ve tried to learn so far.

Also, anyone know the timing on when you’re supposed to hit S if you’re going to OTG in the corner into S into into zipline then down forward zipline S up grapple etc? If anyone’s got a visual cue they use for when to hit the initial S after the OTG and wallbounce, it would be a big help.

I dont really use any visual cues, the only tip I could give you is to hit the S->zipline as close to the ground as possible. Also its easier to hit if you dash back a bit from the corner and do the M OTG grapple.

That’s a good tip, I think I’ve been trying to hit the S way to early, for some reason that seemed like the logical thing to do.