Tips For Rogue/Storm/Magneto

Ive been playing with this team for a while, in which Ive had a lot of interesting combos. I have a lot of combos with each character, so if anyone plays this team, I’ll give you guys some nice combos to work on…

Rogue/Storm(Proj) Combo #1- cr.lp,, cr.lp,,, Storm, rush punch//Sugar. Cool combo, does like 60 on most.

Rogue/Storm Combo # 2- lp, lk, lp, lk, Storm, jump (either jump or s.jump will do), adf+ lk2, hp, land, lp,, cr.lp,, cr.hp, adf+ down+hk, land, lp, lk, lp, lk, Storm, rush punch/Sugar. Awesome display of combo ability!!!

Rogue/Storm Combo #3- cr.lp,, cr.lp,, cr.hp, Storm, lp or lk, down+hk, land, rising punch (lp). Or, finish with either aerial launch, or Sugar. NICE!!!

Rogue/Magneto(Proj) Combo#1- cr.lp,, cr.lp,, cr.hp, Magneto, adf, lp2, cr.hp, aerial combo…

Rogue/Magneto Combo#2- lp, lk, lp, lk, Magneto, hk, (“stuck in”) Sugar… “Stuck in” means connect a move before they launch or fall back.

Storm/Rogue(airdash) Combo #1- lp, lk2, hk, Rogue, hk launch, aerial, etc…

Storm/Rogue Combo #2- lp, lk2, hk, Rogue, add+lk, hk, aerial, etc…

Storm/Rogue Combo #3- cr.lp, cr.hp, hp, Rogue, add+lp2, lightning//lightning storm (you can do a variety of things with Rogue’s air dash)

Storm/Magneto Combo#1- cr.lp, cr.lk2, hk, Magneto, hk, aerial, etc…

Storm/Magneto Combo#2- Corner: cr.lp, cr.lk2, hk, sj, add+lk, lp, jumping+lp, hp Magneto, corner infinte…

Storm/Magneto Combo#3- lp, lk2, hk, hk or hp, Magneto, df+lightning attack/lightning storm.

Magneto/Rogue Combo#1- Yeah, I know…,, sj. add+hk,, Rogue, grav//Shockwave.

Magneto/Rogue Combo#2- lk, hk, Rogue, hp+ grav//tempest. (Element of suprise, mashable though)

Magneto/Rogue Combo#3- infinite startup for 10-15 hits, cross-up w/hk, Rogue, s.grav//Shockwave. Cool combo…

Magneto/Storm Combo#1- 5fierce, Storm, grav tempest or shockwave.

Magneto/Storm Combo#2-,, Storm, tempest. Note: Shockwave only connect for a few hits, which the opponent has recovered.

Magneto/Storm Combo#3- 5fierce, Storm, add+lk, sj+lk, etc…

is that the order you play that in? rogue/storm/magneto? if so, then stop. at the very least if you wanna play that team, in my opinion like i think most here would agree, it should be rogue/magneto/storm, no exceptions, or even magneto/rogue/storm, and you can use rogue anti air assist or throw assist to setup magneto shit. but either way, storm should be your third character in the mix of that team.

the team is weird/doesn’t make much sense imo…but regardless. keep storm 2nd for safe DHC purposes at the least. seems mags is used more as a useful zoning/get in assist mainly

Thats not a battling team I play with, but I do tend to practice with them in casuals. I put Rogue first off of just having her first, no real reason. I would actually have Magneto first, and treat Rogue’s air dash assist like Psylocke with jab starts-ups/ROM. So, it wasnt my actual line, I just kinda gave some tips on combos and all. I do like Rogue’s Sugar DHC into Magneto tempest, thats VERY beneficial. But actually, she could hold her own against top-tier in a heavy match or tourney. I might actually play that order, or at least have her first. What do you think?

Its not weird in my eyes, in fact, I think more Magz and Storm players should use Rogue more often, and give poor Psylocke a rest for a while. Plus, Id rather have Rogue in the end as opposed to Psylocke (even though shes my girl and all). She has a better defense, dishes out way more damage, and her grab neutralizes for a bit. Magneto w/Rogue has more range, and she stays out more for possible connection than Psylocke does. I dont really care who is first, Im not playing in tourneys with the team, as of right now anyway…

to most, it’s weird. and to you it’s not. it’s not a bad thing.

I was mostly replying to jimmy saying it’s best to keep storm 2nd for safe DHCs…mags is usually first or last in a team. either to get the raping started, or for his nice assist.

also, while rogue may have some pros…psy will always be better for mags.

But from a crucial part of the game (the end mostly), Id have Rogue, rather than Psylocke. most MSP players find that, they feel inferior in the end of a match, in which Id say 90% of the time end up losing. I like Psylocke, all the way from XCOTA (when I started playing with her), but in MvC2, her ability to win close matches is highly unlikely, and thats even for the talented Psylockes (like myself). Im not saying she should be replaced with Rogue, just put a curve in the line for a while, to explore different things. One thing though, is Psylocke’s anti-air is harder to roll out of than Rogue’s anti-air, so thats a important plus for her. But, Rogue has the same properties w/Magneto anyway, so actually youre improving your teams stamina by having her instead of Psylocke.

As for Magneto, his assist with Storm & Psylocke isnt all that special, neither is it with Rogue. But, I agree having him first though, but not last in this particluar team. Having him last means you’ll depend on his assist, or keep him basically inactive throughout the match (cautions from snapback deaths). But overall, its just me doodling with different combinations, so all advice to help with the team is appreciated anyway…

heh. psylocke is far from useless. I’d like my psy over your psy or rogue endgame regardless. yes, rogue hurts. but endgame she has no advantage over psy. when they both don’t have assists. winning close matches is not at all unlikely.

and no, psy is still better because of her speed and invincibilty and setups etc. this is common knowledge.

I didnt say she was useless, far from it. But Ive been playing with Rogue for a while, and she overall is better than Psylocke. Psylocke has speed, but Rogue is about the same. Psylocke has deceptive cr. moves, but so does Rogue. Its really even, but I give the nod to Rogue, for her power AND her power ups, etc. My team is still MSP, but I like MSR as well. Endgame? She wins basically from a power standpoint, not to mention all of the same attributes Psylocke has. The chances of Psylocke whiffing on a move is higher than Rogue’s, meaning a dead Psylocke. Listen, it really doesnt matter to me, Im gonna play both teams anyway. So, debating about who is better is a mute point at this moment.

P.S. Youre telling me you think youd beat me with Psylocke against my Rogue endgame? WOW!!!

Grab, speed up, semi-infinite, rush punch//Sugar, speed up again, crazy Rogue flying around, you get nervous, whiff on psy-blade into super, counter, aerial combo or whatev, bam…Victory.
Rogue would destroy Psylocke solo, Psylocke’s speed would be obsolete against Rogue, cause she would steal hers. No comparison…IMAO

you mean moot. lol how you argue then say to stop. I’ll just say, since you don’t want to go any further, you are dead wrong about psy and rogue. higher chance of whiffing? no…psy is safer. definitely not the same attributes. but hey…keep believing what you want.

No…I mean MUTE, cause youre muted right now(LOL). Its a debate, not an argument, in which we were really going in circles. How is Psylocke safe? Endgame she is like a scared antelope against a lion or some shit. Jumping all over the place, scared as hell (ROFL!!!). Rogue, on the other hand, has the confidence to slug it out with whoev at the end. Although thats my girl, she is a assist character, not a main character.

Are you trying to bleed out my skills? Making me explain things, so you can see if Im good or not?

im gonna go back and read the replies. i guess in my head im thinking for that team, if he did rogue/mag/storm, i saw storm as best last for assist abuse for both characters, mainly rogue, and better comeback potential over rogue and mags. i didnt take into account safe dhc’s cause the team kinda caught me off, and to be honest the teams i play mostly dont revolve around having safe dhc’s.

psy is better than rogue as an assist, and overall. i main rogue, AND IM GOD LIKE, lol, but nah, i like psy over rogue, but by all means play who you want. but msp is that shit because it truly does have the best synergy. but i mean, even if it aint the best, make your own synergy out of it. i mean, if your going for an msp type team, then, yeah, you wanna go mags/storm/rogue. be a ghetto msp. ha ha. for me personally, i like rogue with bangers as her back up, and a good team super setup. thats my rogue team. i call it team red, because if i touch you, you bleedin heavy, and if i got 3 bars your dead. its a good assist kill team too, for those people who like to randomly call assist with no intent.

for me, im just go hard with rogue. get in there and get it fucking done, and i like to have one member that can add major pain to my standard combos, and one to allow me to get sneaky and setup ghetto resets. like, i will call bbhood and immediately sj and dash over. most of the time i do it fast enough that people dont catch the assist call, and they get hit by the missle, and i drop onto their shit with hp which bounces them and then i go from there. sometimes i hit their assist instead of them, which im fine with. i catch msp players like that, call hood, sj and dash over, psy gets hit, and i got my chance to try to jump down mags throat, because they mostly are like wtf when that happens, waiting for psy to hit or even for me to block psy, and i can play a little bit of runaway looking for an opening.

anyways, back to your team. i mean, i guess if i have to rethink it, beats is right. if your rogue aint getting it done, you got a safe dhc if you go storm second, with mags last. ugh, mags last just bothers me. lol. i guess im just like, ew, why. im use to seeing mags be the shit starter, psy being the invincible whore setting up your death, and storm being that all around safe bitch for all situations. cause there is no powerful team super from that team, and storm over mags for safe dhc, or dhc in general. duh jimmy, think vegita-x. so yeah, thats my bad.

rogue/storm/mags or preferrably mags/storm/rogue.

and this post is even more proof you don’t really know how to play this game…lol @ rogue has confidence…you clearly don’t know much about rogue and especially psylocke. how is she not safe? she has zoning tools (projectile) with multiple directions and safety/recovery tiger kneeing them. she can end many guard strings with lk psyblade for mostly safe endings. hit confirm from it to super. trade or beat out things with it. instant overheads into mixups/more pressure/or combos. safety with double and triple jumps for her instant overhead or general triple action normal jumps. NJ cancelled sj shenanigans. priority and speed. sorry. I’m pretty sure my psy would tear your “confident” rogue up.

Psy can rush with relative safety, which is harder with rogue… also, c.hp aaa canceled to shot when blocked. The hp hitboxes help. Rogue has to take more risks in a Rogue/Psy matchup. Rogue can’t do any damage without getting the first hit. A good psy has too many good defensive options and rushes safely in this match which is something Rogue just can’t do here.

With that team rogue throw assist might be nice with mag on point… you can drop Rom and jump, call rogue, and airdash over… usually people are not going to want to jump into a mag that’s in a mixup position, but in this case if they stay there to look for the block, the throw assist grabs them and mag gets an easy combo off of it.

Psy assist works better than Rogue AAA because of invincibility. Cyke assist is also consistently better than Rogue AAA, starts with invincibility, eats up people like tron, doom, capcom, and Cyke fights perhaps better than either Psy or Rogue at the end.

Leaving my final recommendation to be…


Gives safe DHC, Cyke assist gives free combo to either Storm or Mag. Cyke eats through other assists. Also, with bars, if they start rushing you down you can counter to cyke,xx,qcf+kk and DHC to hail, keeping your team order and giving you a pretty free two supers against people trying to rush. If you were in the corner, often storm can dash to ground and launch after, too… lightning DHC tempest, sometimes giving unrollable OTG… blah blah blah… they’re dead by that point.

Then again, maybe you just like Rogue. Sadly, she probably doesn’t work as well in the team dynamic. It’s generally better to look at the whole team you’re building instead of just picking 3 characters that you like to use.

So yeah this kid is just trolling. How do you block people again?

Just took a glance at the combos…These do not work.

Instead of #1, you should be able to do crFP + Storm, sj.HP/HK, addf LK, HP, HK, land cr.HK/sHK/sFP, Storm hits, HG xx Temp/Shockwave.

How does a Rogue/Mag thread not list Mag c.hp, /\,, mk, / + Rogue throw XX Mag counter? Inescapable Rogue throw. Cancel after one hit.

Is that possible?

yes there is a block list in your user cp

word thanks