Tips for sakura's advanced combos?



Hi, the combo’s I’ve been having trouble with lately while playing sakura are ones i can’t find any help with at all, I’ve checked the combo thread but there is no specific help on how to do these??

  1. How to combo of a normal shoryu (fadc)?? a) which punch shoryu do i use? b) how many hits do i cancel from? c) Is it worth learning/ alternatives?

  2. Light tatsu into crouching medium kick??? a) Normall this isn’t possible but I’ve seen it been done, what are they doing to make it combo? b) I know it’s definitely character specific, so which characters can i do it on?? c) Is it worth learning in specific match ups, I’m guessing it works on abel and gief, huge characters but it doesn’t??

  1. You cancel the HP Shou on the 2nd hit, press forward, tap focus, press forward to get the fastest dash possible and then plink the cl.hp.

This combo is worth learning because this converts Sakura’s (with enough meter and decent execution) into 300-400 damage.

  1. I believe you can do this on Viper and Adon and the Twins.

For Adon, it’s cl.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx tatsu > xx shou
For Viper it’s tatsu > cl.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx tatsu > xx shou (I’m pretty sure of this)
For Yun/Yang, it’s cl.hp xx tatsu > st.lp > cr.hp xx tatsu > xx shou
For Makoto, you can do cr.lp > > cr.hp xx tatsu > xx shou

That’s all the ones I know so far. There is more but I don’t know them off top of my head. You could also do CH tatsu into but it’s way better to go into cl.hp/cr.hp instead. I don’t really see these combos being viable apart from Adons if you don’t have meter.


Thanks man, i can do her bnb of a shoryu now :), jus tested I’m sure it’s a 1 frame link, it’s not easy without plinking.

yeah and about number 2, that’s what i was thinking, i always seem to burn meter constantly when i play sakura, but i don’t fight many of these character though so it’s all good.

Thanks fergus!!1


Yeah it’s a 1f link

No worries, just a head up, use the Q+A next time :smiley:


3rd hit


Don’t both work? My dash always seems to come out on the 2nd hit, I know you’ll lose a bit of damage either way but I think you can still link it.


Sorry yeah, 3rd hit. 2nd works too but 3rd is better for more damage.


i dont have reactions to fadc on 2nd hit lol


I have the opposite problem lol, I for whatever reason do it too fast and can’t do it on the 3rd


You do it on reaction eh? lol


yea because if its blocked i do some thing else and doing it on 2 hits to fast for me.


sry… still new here… err… the twins?


yun and yang


Cody has a character specific xx shou one too:

cl.hp xx lk tatsu, s.lp, cr.hp xx lk tatsu, xx shou.

Fun fact: you can end all of those in sweep as far as I know, there are even some some that are too far for to reach, like on Cody: xx lk tatsu, cl.hp xx lk tatsu, s.lp, cr.hp xx tatsu,

I believe the Cody and Twins ones are interchangeable anyways, but there’s another character on the list.


Not all meaty tatsu combos actually hit meaty enough to link sweep. Just some.


Really? All the ones I tested from here did. I guess I need to fiddle more, my bad.


Im pretty sure the combos on cody are interchangable, but some on for example deejay only link or only link sweep while misses


I fiddled some more, most of them can be swept but some just can’t :expressionless: feel bad for posting bad info.

Also, I tried to ssy something along those lines and worded it poorly, good catch on Dee Jay ^^


That Viper one isn’t real I just tested it to make sure; however, on Viper you can do cr.fp xx tatsu > cr.fp xx tatsu > (but you can’t link cr.fp off of shoryu fadc. The Adon one you said works on Juri also. On Cody, you can do cl.fp xx tatsu > st.lp > cr.fp xx tatsu


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