Tips for wesker vs. doom/trish

I have trouble getting in when I am fighting Doom and Trish. They just stay in the air all day and are only on the ground for a second after their dive kick. I can’t seem to do anything against it. I try to out range with my gun and go for air throws but that doesn’t work so well.

Anyone got tips on how to play against doom/trish?

i do alright with the air throws. idk what else could work with your air problem. :frowning:

Air throws are dangerous. When you miss the throw, you get foot dived in the face and end up dying.

My strategy is just to put strider on my team and use his vajra assist so they can get punished for doing that type of thing. But now I have strider on my team which weakens it…

I just want to know how other people fight these guys.

Having Strider on just about any team should not make it worse. I run Wesker/Dante/Strider but switch in Dante when playing against anyone who likes to zone from the upper corners (Doom, Trish, Chris, etc.). Dante/Strider is pretty much a hard counter to that.

But “pick another character” isn’t really a good answer to a question about how to fight these characters with Wesker. If Wesker is all you’ve got, you can try reading their jump/flight patterns to get them in the path of your bullets. When they super jump, you can stay on the ground or do a normal jump (to avoid projectiles), and then do your own super jump once they start coming down so you can hit them without being hit. Don’t forget that the grounded, horizontal gunshot also gives you some pretty good coverage for right when they are about to land.

Going for an air throw is another option. You can close the gap by teleporting over to them in the air, or be wavedashing between projectiles on the ground, but yeah it can be tricky to get that air throw without getting counterhit or thrown for your troubles.

I’m still figuring out Trish but believe it or not Wesker can out-zone Doom. If you have the life lead, Doom has to come to Wesker. If Doom does Plasma Beam, super jump gun shot beats that. Just make sure you H teleport back down. If Doom does ground finger lasers, super jump gun shot will trade in your favor. If Doom super jumps and then does air finger lasers, you can just super jump and M teleport. You’ll avoid them completely and if he flies and tries to do this 3 times, you can M teleport 3 times as well. It makes no sense as to why Wesker can out-zone Doom, but yes he can.