Tips from Ino evo 2k7

stuff to know-

parry karakusa:
when parrying jump ins parry foward and start the karakusa at downfoward that way if they empty jump you don’t dash (i had alot of issues with this)

hayate mix up vs chun: if chun backdashes post hayate you can get a free dash up fierce.

Option selects-

karakusa option select:
hit foward then up then half circle back all kicks. the result of this is if you parry you get karakusa if you don’t then you get ex tsurugi. do not abuse this and pick your timing with it carefully you don’t want to parry then eat a ex SRK from the likes of ken or what not.

normal option select:
hit foward then up+back+ strong the result, if you parry strong comes out if you don’t parry then you jump away and nothing comes out.

this is just a few things i’ve been sitting on for a year and decided to put them out their.