Tips on a PS3 Arcade Stick?

Hey all. I’m new to the fighting game scene. Well I dabbed in a bit but Street Fighter 4 is the first one that I actually wanna become good at. I think my Dual Shock for ps3 has its limits and I think its time to upgrade to an arcade stick.

But all this talk about gates and flip flaps and sticks, and hooliehoops confuses me. Why cant I get a stick that’s decent, that gets the job done…thats accurate enough…I can just plug and play?

So if someone has suggestions on a decent stick thats good right out of the box, i’d love to know. i’m not looking to mod it and open it up and all that jazz.


Get a Madcatz TE stick or a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 stick.
Perfect out of the box and excellent quality for serious gaming

I didn’t want to make a whole new thread for this question, so sorry for hijacking your thread.

In the control configurations options of console SF4, you can input whether you are using a standard controller or an arcade stick.

What’s the difference between the two options? Would it be detrimental if I were using an arcade stick, but left the option on standard controller? How does this affect the way the game deals with inputs?

I didn’t know I had the option to do that? Lol.

the SE stick isn’t bad with all the mods.

ie bat-top, 8way gate, ultimate mod paper and elec tape feels great. I pref TE stick because its a wider base and just feels better on your lap like a dirty stripper.

rock’n the bat top 8way gate, since i’m a noob and can’t get used to a 4way.

This is just some different pre-set Button settings. With the official madcatz sticks, you actually don’t even have to change anything in there.

Just what you need. Something on your lap with you jerking the stick back and forth. Hmm…lol.

As for which arcade stick to get… I would get one of the Madcatz one (either the standard edition or the tournament one), or an Hori EX2. Some people also love the Hori Real Arcade pro sticks too.

HRAP 3 and TE are your best bet OP. TE is quite cheap at the moment, you can find em for about 124 now and it has the best buttons and stick you could ask for, it’s tourney quality out of the box.

Please ignore people who state stuff about octo gates, I don’t understand this obsession. If you really want to try one it is the easiest thing in a stick to switch out and only costs like 5 bucks.

to bad it doesn’t have a rumble pad built in.

since we’re on the topic of sticks and i can’t find my answer anywhere here.

when people go to tourny’s i’m guessing they bring their own fightstick, do you have to have yours dual mod’d?

i mainly play on ps3 thats why i ask.

I have the madcatz SE stick and it serves me perfectly, even without mods. I main Bison though so there aren’t that many complex inputs for him.

Currently, like others said, your best bet is either a HRAP3 or a TE Stick.

TE Stick is currently $120 with free shipping while the HRAP3 is $85 with $11 shipping.

I’d personally go with the TE stick, since it’ll saving you some modding trouble, but the HRAP3 looks good if you want something a bit cheaper.

For something even cheaper, the SE stick would probably fit your needs.

Thanks for the reply.

I personally got the Fighting Stick Pro 3, its small and very convenient. If you are good at soldering then replacing the parts with Sanwa isnt that big a deal. And its 50$ lol

If you want to spend around 30 dollars look for a “Pro Fighting Stick” on ebay, I bought it and it’s great (it has hori parts, but a better shape than the hori sticks).
You can also buy it here but you’ll probably spend more than on ebay:

Sorry about the thread in the wrong spot, lol.

Whats the difference btw the expensive fight stick and the cheaper one? I’m assuming one is the SE and one is the TE? I’m a Rose player, and I might give Viper a chance. My roommate is a Ryu player…which would serve me better?

The TE stick has all the exact same parts that the arcade cabinets for SF4 use. The SE uses cheaper knockoff parts.

The TE is well worth the price IMO. It’ll last a MUCH longer time than cheap arcade sticks without the need to open it up and mod it.

The SF4 TE is the only way to go IMO, the SE is garbage.