Tips on Approaching Tekken Characters?

Ok so I understand we are all new to this game, so it seems, but I’d like to know if any of you Tekken character players out there have any suggestions regarding approaching Tekken characters, as a Street Fighter player in this game.

When I have my hands on a SF char, naturally the first thing that really comes to mind is “Oh this feel like SF4” but when I touch a Tekken char, it feels completely different, and a tiny bit different from T6.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it seems like you cannot really jab < jab < go into combo, with many Tekken chars like you can with SF. But many of their moves do have a lot of follow ups.

So I guess I’d like to know, any tips on how to get things going with Tekken characters, and what should I look for when approaching them?

I’m having the same problem. I can’t offer MUCH advice but I can tell you that when I train with the Tekken characters, I tend to see if any standard normals can hit-confirm into their… uh, target combos (whatever XD). I find that’s a pretty good basis to get started. Oh, and also look for some strings which utilize low/mid hits, it’s a great way to keep your opponent guessing.

some tekken character’s input strings are able to get into their command moves which then from there you have a good chance that they’ll cause a juggle. After that you can be creative and do something with those juggles for a knockdown. Then your SF mind goes into play and apply mix ups/vortex if a character is capable on that on the Tekken side.

Tekken cast is simply no different than SF characters, just have no charge moves and most don’t have projectiles, which I like. If memorizing multiple things is too much for you, just stick with what you already know. Though trying out Nina, annoying dash grab seems impossible to use every time, makes the move worthless, which is a really good move.

the biggest advantage is their mixups, hard to defend at this stage

That’s not true, they are very different; don’t know what to tell you if you can’t see that.

i just feel like their anti airs are horrible for tekken char its annoying when playing someone who is just holding upforward lol but they just feel more fun than the SF cast

Ok this is my observation with tekken characters. You know how sf characters go L jab,L jab, M jab, special move cancel. Well with tekken characters L jab, L jab Unique attack, Special move cancel. Most tekken characters you cancel unique attacks with special moves but like sf characters, not all unique attack can be canceled. It may some getting use too, since the L,M,H system is in the game. Note, this is MY OWN OBSERVATION, I could be wrong, I tested this out own asuka but so far its correct. A good way to find the cancels is in trail mode.

Will definitely try the strings you suggested. Yes! Target Combos! That’s phrase I was looking for xD

I’ve noticed this, or maybe it was perhaps because I was playing against players that weren’t too experienced with Tekken Chars. It seems that they can be pretty dangerous on the ground but if you’re constantly rushing them down and jumping in their is not much they can do? I know quite a few of them have counters so, perhaps that makes up for their lack of anti-airs? Not really sure…

This is pretty interesting, as I spent a lot of time yesterday simply trying to go from jabs into their “Target Combos”, so too speak. I will definitely try some stuff with their unique attacks today. Asuka is probably one of the Tekken characters I’d like to play the most, so I’m glad it’s working out so far for you with Asuka!