Tips on beating Vega with Guile?

Could anyone give me some tips?

His J.fierce seems to beat out my FK. His izuna seems to grab me before I can air grab him. Of the j.pokes I have tried he can just hit me at best I can grab a trade.

I’m not sure what to do, I can;t get an anti air FK so I’ve tried stopping that but he has a weird jump angle and he usually catches me with his claws if I try to use cr.fierce.

Any tips for this matchup that you guys could give me would be appreciated.

It’s a guessing game with vega players who are actually good. some jumping attacks hit him. If you can anticipate it you can stuff the fella with a neutral jump attack that isn’t a grab.
Which is exactly why he isn’t garbage as a charge character [Yes combofiend I’m really saying this for the 5-7th time keep his regular motions for his specials he feels perfect]

Not too sure as I’m a hugo main but I think what a vega wants to do to guile in general is play the guessing game because of guile’s flash kick. I think he isn’t invincible during any of his zigzags.
That flip he has though, different story. the attack flip not the other 2 flips watch out for that flip. His roll’s garbage, jab that shit.
Eh…Sonic boom’s purely luck based against him too.

Whoops I remember now, dashing when the fella flies is also good. It takes reaction to react correctly cuz he can come at you 4 different ways [Charge partitioning hinders the character my ass]
And depending on which direction you dash, free throw or free smack in the gobber with one of many attacks.

^ You really have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s way more of a grounded footsie matchup, nobody should be flying around the air all that often.

Old match, but played correctly.

This seems to require a high level of play though. Most online vega’s don’t tend to play like that at all :’) The ones I have run into anyway.

Vs. bad players, cornering yourself isn’t such a bad idea. You can chuck booms and rather than react, you’ll be anticipating the jump. Or block, toss them in the corner and make them fight their way out. Just watch out for ultras and EX Sky high claw through fireballs. Guile has the normals to keep Vega pinned in the corner and then air throw when he tries to get out. Fighting midscreen as Guile is where you’ll probably lose.

Counter Vega’s superior pokes with sonic booms.
Counter jumpins via jump back air throw, ex flash kick, or just blocking because it’ll beat your air normals and more normally timed flash kicks. You can still regular FK it I think, but you would have to do it at a late timing.

Izuna drop, beat with jump back normals, air grab, or dashing in either direction to throw off his spacing if he hops off his wall. He hops off your wall, whatever you do don’t jump, he will almost always win. Dash, cr. hp, or focus.

I’ll give all of this a try next time I come across one. Also, if anyone plays vega on steam inside of europe add me on steam.

It’ll be Charliexmbz or WizardSlayer