Tips on defending?

i use hp shoryu in 3 situations.

  1. empty jump > hp.shoryu ( xx SAIII)
    beats out throw attempts after the empty jump, and practically everyone falls for it, since they’ve pretty much made it a habit to throw after an empty jump.

  2. catch your jumping opponent high in the air. ken’s hp shoryu will reach everyones peak of the jump (normal jump), and if used conservatively makes it tough to parry.

  3. I find myself ending many rounds with hp.shoryu when my opponent has barely any health. I UOH > hp.shoryu to chip them to death. IDK why, but it works too often.

something that works for me, that can avoid throws and heavy hitting combos, is, when getting hit (eg. opponent jumps in and hit, then walks to throw or hit, or when someone does a meaty on you), first block low, then just walk backwards, this will avoid almost anything, and you will get a comeback situation if you are being setup for a throw… this wont work if you are in the corner, obviously.

I hope I make myself clear, I dont speak english that well

i didn’t understand any of that…learn to speak English