Tips on defensive or tech fighting

I boil my overall play style in most fighters down to being mostly defensive and technical but im still pretty much still a scrub. i suck at combos but i find im pretty successful in the whole mind game department. love chrs like dormammu n storm in mvc3, charge chrs in sf, sub zero in mk and i love throwing whenever i get a chance.

i think part of my issue is i jsut cant really punish people as well as i should and sometimes i show to much fear hehe. I’m just wondering for more of the successful defensive/tech players what makes them good over just someone just i guess turtleing and not really getting anywhere? :slight_smile:

The information you are giving is vague, but it sounds like you need to work on your punishes; the red flag is ‘I like to throw whenever I get a chance.’ Throwing is good, and it’s really powerful in games like SFIV, but it’s often not the most damaging option that you have, and sometimes, it can put your opponent too far away to keep up offensive momentum. If you are punishing with throws most of the time, that would explain why you find your damage so low. If this is the case, I would go into the character subforums, and try to find some manageable bread and butter combos you could use instead of throwing all the time, then practice them until they are something you feel comfortable using in a match. I know that you said you suck at combos, but if you don’t capitalize on the opportunities that your mind games are setting up, you are never going to get past this hump.

I’m glad you brought this up. So often we see people going crazy over combos and rushdown that we don’t hear a lot about the defensive game. I’d have to say I’m the same as you in my playstyle. I really like playing reactively to punish mistakes and zoning would be my main tool if I could keep it up for a decent amount of time… lol

I get blown up by characters like Chun, Jill, X-23, and pretty much any very fast character. This is most evident when they’re in xfactor. I can maintain blocking for a bit, but eventually a hit sneaks in and I end up taking full combos. Seems like this playstyle is kind of hard to keep up in MvC3. The only options I can see are:
[]Learn to defend better. Getting better at knowing what characters will want to be doing and recognizing opponents’ patterns will help in avoiding/blocking their antics.
]Avoid letting these characters get into their “butter zone” (up close) where they can pull the mixup craziness they were built for.
[]Play more recklessly. (though this tends to get me counter-hit a LOT…especially with characters like Dormammu.)
]Settle for playing certain characters for their properties or counter-picking. (using Haggar or Tron to put that fear to rushdown in them, or Hulk or Sent for armor moves)
If anyone has tips or thoughts on these, I’d like to hear them as well.