Tips on ex-Slash execution?

Sup guys.

I am pretty much a new to 3s. I have been playing as Yang because I dig his style and he is the underdog.

I have been researching up on Yang strategy by reading these threads and watching some match vids (mainly Goemon and KO). My Yang’s style is basically modeled after them (constant Mantis Slash pressure with SAII meter).

Now my problem: how the hell do you spam out those ex-Slashes so damn fast, precise, AND consistent? Normal slashes are no problem, as it is pretty easy timing. However, I am nowhere near consistent with spamming out ALL the ex-slashes at top speed like Goemon. I either miss the last 1 or 2 slashes or lose the momentum of the slashes (this allowing the opponent to block). When I do successfully spam out all the slashes properly (which is not consistent lol), I notice that is nowhere near the speed of Goemon or KO. Is there a trick, shortcut, whatever to doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


You know that you only have to hit 2 buttons for the first slash, right? For the rest you only need 1 button. Maybe that’ll make it easier for you.

'fiend is right though. Just practice and you’ll get it for sure.

Pretty much. But also know that you don’t have to spazz out trying to get the ex-slashes. They can connect just fine with a slightly slower rhythm than what you’ve seen from Goemon/KO. Experiment with your practice.

Once you get the first Ex mantis slash out then just press one button like fatbear said then continuously press qcf punch (doesn’t matter what strength) over and over.