Tips on fighting against doom?



Anyone got tips on fighting doom with characters that cannot lame him out?

Usually it is doom doing keepaway so the opponent is forced to rush in. Doom see the person approaching and just up back’s and foot dives. If it hits, then continue the combo. If the person blocks it, just air cancel into crouching low.

I can’t seem to do anything about this. If I try to anti-air, then I get foot dived. When I go for the air throw, I always get foot dived before I can get the throw in.

Seems to me all I can do is just go in and block the footdive. Then the person just air dash cancels into a crouching low into ground series. If it hits, then continue the combo. If the person blocks, then just cancel into a plasma beam and the game is back a neutral.

Anyone know how to deal with this? I know the foot dive is going to come when I get near him. So the question is how do I punish it? Is footdive cancel into air dash punishable?


Disclaimer: the following suggestion is based solely on theory.

I think that Doom’s biggest weakness is that he spends so much time looking down on people that he doesn’t bother looking up. His foot dive is the highest priority dive move in the game, but I think the key to beating it out is to actually attack him from a higher altitude than what he’s at when he does it. Honestly, it’s not something I think about in the heat of the moment, so I really don’t know if that’s how the foot dive can be beaten, but it’ the only thing that I can think of.


3 probably easiest things to do if you’re specifically dealing with foot dive

1.Try to block it and then mash throw or command grab if he’s within throw range. If you don’t mind burning XF you can do that after the block also. IIRC he’s only positive enough on block to not get XFC’d in XF2 or 3.

  1. Make the foot dive whiff then dash in with a normal or jump up and grab him if it’s one of those scrubby Dooms that just jumps right back up and dives more.

  2. If you have a character with a really fast dash you can try to slip behind the foot dive and use a ground normal with a big hit box to stuff it.

Generally do whiff and punish as your main option like Honda headbutts in SF. If you just sit there and block Honda headbutts in ST without a reversal you’re just going to die all day. If you neutral jump or generally scout them and make them whiff then you have more options.


More importantly: I need some doom mirror tips.

Against a lesser doom my superior doom pressure game really puts me ahead but, against a doom of greater skill I have a hard time figure out what the best plan of attack is.


Hulk standing H.

On block or hit…


I know this is an old thread, but there is an easy answer to foot dive.

Push Block.

You won’t be able to punish, but you’ll be safe.