Tips on fighting blankas?

Im having big issues getting closer to blanka to actually start fighting.

What are some tips on fighting blankas?
I.E: Things to do, things to not do against blanka users.

This should have been posted in “The Sakura Strategy and Matchups Thread”.

Anyway, I play with Sakura sometimes. All I know is that a c.HP can stop Blanka’s Rolling Attack if timed right and I think it can also be used as an anti-air against his Backstep Rolling (Hop Back Arcing Roll Attack) if he’s about to land right above you, but if you see him doing that move then just forward dash to avoid it and punish.

You can’t whiff anything against Blanka because he’ll always punish with a Rolling Attack. A lot of Sakura’s special moves have slow startup so you can’t be whiffin’ the Shouoken everywhere.

It would also help a lot to read “Destin’s Sakura Advanced Play Guide” if you haven’t done so yet.


You can jab them out of the straight rolling attack too. I still have to understand if the jab works even against the Ex version though.

The timing is very strict for mew…I keep getting pummeled by blanka users u.u

my tip on fighting blanka is dont fight blanka. i hate that bastard

jab works on ALL blanka horizontal balls… even EX… if the blanka is a ball spammer, you have an easy win on your hands. blanka doesnt get hard until he learns combos, and even then, a strong defensive play and hes still not too bad

Back up against the wall, get a rubberband and use it to hold your stick down back. Turn on turbo for jab and place a rock on the button and then go watch TV and come back in about 3 minutes and press ok to save your win and move to the next match.

P.S: This is a joke btw.

HA HA HA i love it.

Just for clarification…when you say jab…does that mean c.hp?

jab is a Light Punch, unspecified if it’s standing or crouching but guess if not stated otherwise assume standing.

LP == Jab
MP == Strong
HP = Fierce
LK == Short
MK == Long(?)
HK == Round-house

I guess u are not a great fan of Boxe, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: