Tips on frustration/boredom?

I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting frustrated really easily lately. I do great some matches and get whipped other matches. I’m playing King/Ryu. After I get frustrated or play one team too long, I get kinda bored of the game.

Does this happen to anyone else?
Do you guys have any tips to avoid frustration or different ways to keep the game feeling fresh?

Thanks in advance.

How many days have you had this game for? If you are worried about keeping things fresh now, how do you expect to enjoy yourself after months of play?

I think its just a matter of taking a break and trying not to get so worked up over a video game. Me and my friends all have our rage issues and this game does a superb job of bringing that out.

For example, I went from 600 bp to 200 last night. Then today, I went from 200 to 1000.

I think we all have our good and bad days on the game. Just try taking a break and doing something else for a while then come back to sfxt with a new mindset.

Understand that if you’re getting frustrated with the game, it gives you motivation to get better. Nobody became a top player by being happy with the game all the time, you need to get a little bit frustrated and mad in order to stay motivated to improve and level up your game. Take that frustration, calm down, and really figure out why exactly you got beat. Maybe you got outplayed, or you have sloppy execution, or you just don’t know the matchup, all are things that you can improve through regulated training.

Prevent being bored? It could the fact that you don’t enjoy playing your teams. If you’re bored with your team, then you’re probably not going to feel like getting any better with them, so maybe you should pick characters that you enjoy playing consistently, and that you think have potential. That and take a break every now and then so that it doesn’t feel repetitive.

Maybe you just don’t like the game? I had a friend switch discs in 10 minutes just this morning.

I dunno what your FG background is but the thing that keeps it fresh isn’t content - its figuring out new stuff with your chars and really exploring the depths of the game. If you can’t find joy in that then I’d venture to say it probably won’t stick.

Perhaps I am just quibbling semantics, but that is not true. Frustration comes from a perceived lack of resources. If something frustrates you, there is no way to improve the situation. Essentially, your results are not matching the effort you put in. Hypothetically, I live in the worst (best?) location in the world, where my daily opponents are the likes of Daigo, Mike Ross, Justin Wong, etc. In this hypothetical region, I would (surprise surprise) lose a lot (really, I would!). This would not be frustrating, because that is the result I would expect from the effort I expend. On the other hand, if I spend 10+ hours a day practicing and keep losing to button-mashing scrubs, this would be frustrating. I put in significant effort, but receive no reward.


You wanna know what’s frustrating? These pieces of shit who keep lobbies open when they’re not there. You can’t choose who you’re paired up with in ranked matches so I can’t even avoid them now. How hard is it to close your fucking lobby?

Like x 100. Pissed me off in SF this did and it continues to. Especially since it takes aaaages to get a game in SFxT.

Gurry this is off topic but I just want to say…“ABDULLAH THE FUCKING BUTCHER!”

My tip if your getting bored with the game, just hop into Training mode and try some BnB’s,setups and work on your execution. Always works for me and ill play this game for like 7hrs straight. Also do some trials for characters you thought you would never play just to learn the character and see what they are capable of.

I’m not sure you have the definition of frustration right. Http://

Losing period is frustrating, wether its warranted or not. This frustration with not obtaining a win is what should drive you to improve. Frustration with yourself, everywhere from frustrated with your execution, frustrated that you got read like a book because you’re predictable, frustrated that you fell for 4 wake up dp’s against some scrub online after you knew he was going to dp, because he did it on every wake up before that

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If your an action gamer, drop SFxTK and get Ninja Gaiden 3 when it comes out

If you want to wait and buy content from a game without much content to begin with that is already finished intentionally planned to be released months apart so it can be marked up… then stick with SFxTK.

FG are not for you.

I don’t think that’s true at all, frustration is just a natural response to a situation that is seemingly insurmountable. However, if you take this frustration, and really dedicate some time and effort into solving whatever problem you may be having, this is the only way you can overcome that obstacle. People can spend less than ten minutes with the game and instantly become frustrated. Your only options are to a) quit and give up, or b) find out why you’re being so frustrated, figure out a solution to get over that, and move on. This is where improvement comes in. You don’t improve by being happy or content, you improve by taking that salt and using it as a drive to persevere.

People always get frustrated when they lose, there’s no other situation when they’re not frustrated. If you spend 10 hours a day, and don’t feel any significant level of improvement, it’s important to try to understand WHY you’re not improving. Rarely is it a situation where you’ve reached your genetic limit for your ability to react and adapt, it’s more like that you need to alter your training regime and/or you need to focus your training on a specific skill set, one that you consider to be your weakness.

Realtalk, this. If you can’t keep interest in it. then it’s not your game. Don’t force yourself to like stuff you don’t.
If you insist, then stuff that has been suggested (training mode, trials) is time well spent.
You shouldn’t be losing to scrubs mashing buttons if you’re putting in the practice time. Especially since the netcode for this game is good.

First of all, thanks for the tips/advice. I think I just needed a break from the game since I’ve been playing everyday for the last week.

I’m going to see if switching up my team a little and practicing more in training will help get me more focused/motivated.

If anyone is up for a little sparring my GT on 360 is Suraiya. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks again.

All i can think about night and day is playing… I’m at work right now and spending most my time on these boards just waiting to go home and play.

As for advice, whenever i ge mad i like to take a deep breathe do something for like 5 minutes then come back with a clear head. Another good mentality is to have fun, Always remember it’s a game and instead of getting mad. Just think about the match maybe watch the replay, sometimes you will get surprised at the way things played out

amen to that i got pepper sprayed at work and the only thing i was worried about was if i was gonna get to play sfxtk later if you get bored go to endless and play with random characters you hate!!! works for me! or just friend me and ill train with ya!

I am getting my definition from psychology. If we wish to consider Fighting Games an eSport, then sports psychology is quite apt :wink:

I think that is exactly the same as my definition, albeit in different words. A perceived lack of resources creates a situation that is seemingly insurmountable :slight_smile:

I will extend my thoughts. When you lose a match, yes, it is frustrating. Typically, you will enter with a winning mindset and will expect to come through in the end. Not doing so is a whole other psychological issue :wink: You expected to win, but were in fact faced with a loss. At that instant, you smack your opponent with your controller and kick the TV over. Or is that just me? Anyway, the point I am getting at is where things go after the initial point of losing.

In an even match (or an unexpected loss against an inferior opponent), you should be able to cool down and break-down the match. If I had used X rather than Y. If only I had not dropped that combo. I have never seen that tech before, I need to learn to counter it. Thoughts like this are constructive and motivate you to improve. This is very much the ideal situation. In traditional sports, the coach typically facilitates this role, but in Fighting Games we typically need to rely on ourselves.

The issue comes from losing to a superior opponent, or failing to analyse your loss. If you get slaughtered, you may look at it in awe, but that is a rare and blessed person. The more likely scenario is that you stew on the loss and the frustration festers. This is when people start blaming outside factors, such as cheap' characters orbroken’ tech (admittedly, this can sometimes be true, but they are typically excuses more often than not). Others may feel a wall between their level and their opponents’. In traditional sports, we would not pit a high school athlete against an Olympian because it will almost certainly break them and drive them from the sport. In eSports, we have no such distinction. If I jumped online, there is every chance I could come up against an Evo-competing master and be slaughtered. Another, nastier equivalent would be jumping into a game of StarCraft and coming up against one of the Korean pros. You would be lucky to last five minutes and have no idea what hit you.

There has been a lot of talk about this from all corners of the industry. The Fighting Game community is slowly killing itself because the top-end is cutting off the fat until only the elite remain. Potential new blood is either turned away by the reputation of the genre, or will jump on for a few games, be slaughtered without a clue to why and give up. A few may ask here for advice, but may still quit soon after. Frustration to the kind described by the OP drives players away, whittling down the pool of players and ensuring that the skill-level pyramid is upside down. Rather than a large, `grass-roots’ skill level with a competitive group in the middle and the elite few on top (massive simplification, I know), we have a small pool of beginners under the weight of a large competitive group, who are being crushed by an even larger elite on top. Putting this into a sociological metaphor, imagine a society where most people are kings, a small number are landowners and the smallest minority are serfs. Without serfs to work the land, the kings will one day starve.

Oh yeh another tip, the replay channel is great! You can sit back, watch the replay channel and just watch top players use your favorite character(s). You can learn ALOT by watching videos for these videos for FREE. I often would order a pizza then turn on the replay channel and relax,it would really help me when I got frustrated after some loses on rank.