Tips on getting in against zoners?


I admit, I was getting a little annoyed at someone who had simple mode and used Dante/Wesker/Trish. Dante and Wesker weren’t the problem. However, Trish’s wall of spam rendered me unable to ever get in. I still managed to one-up the guy and had one more win than he did, but it still bothered me that I was losing to his spam at all. I even left after the score was 3-2 and ended up getting the same guy again when I joined up for another match. I don’t understand why Simple Mode is usable online, but I won’t complain too much about it, I suppose.

My two main teams are as follows:

  1. X-23 / Ryu / C. Viper
  2. C. Viper / Ryu / Storm

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do with these teams to get in against zoners? The only character I was doing decent with was Ryu, and that’s only because I was covering my approach with Hadokens. C. Viper, who is usually my absolute best, was getting trashed every time and I couldn’t even start a combo. Storm was in a similar position. I just started using X-23, so I’m not that great with her yet, but her speed allowed me a few combos.

TL;DR: Anti-zoning tactics with X-23, Ryu, C. Viper, and Storm, please. Or just anti-zoning tactics in general.


On X-23 I like to normal jump and Talon Dive H across the screen. I’m using Tron so I’ll call assist just as the special ends and then d+H to crash down on the head of the opponent who likely just took a Gustaff Flame to the face if he didn’t move out of the way.

Also X-23 can punish projectiles with Weapon X Prime if you have meter.

Not sure what you could do with that team specifically though.


You shouldn’t be beat by a Simple Mode anyway. The other player is limited to a handful of moves.
What moves does Trish have specifically in Simple mode that are giving you problems?

Can you outzone Trish with Ryu and force her to come to you? Lame her out? Storm/Viper/X23 are pretty quick. Wavedash block?
Ryu Tatsu or Hadoken assit to get in? Can Viper EX through the traps (not sure, I don’t play Viper).

Try asking in Trish forums as well, as it’s who you have the most trouble with.


With Viper use a well-spaced H Seismo to stop them from zoning full screen. Use EX Thunder Knuckle to blow through ground projectiles.

If they’re zoning using assists and you’re using Ryu, Shinkuu Hadoken on reaction to punish the assist.

And super jump.


I’m not too familar with exact move names, but she would throw her sword, and then use the multiple-ball ranged attack. She repeated those two attacks in that order over and over. if I jumped, I would still get hit due to the vertical range on the multiple-ball attack. If I tried to wavedash in, I’d either get hit by one of the fast balls or the slow sword, sometimes even on its return trip. Even if I did manage to cover a little ground, I take too much chip damage, and he usually just used a hyper to push me back.

I did end up countering for a while with Ryu and cheezing him out with hadokens while gradually approaching. That was the only way I found myself able to get in.


Hmm…I use Trish so I am pretty sure what happen…the trish player throw out the sword (qcb + H) (sry, dont’ remember the name of the move, its the special version of the Round Harvest), and then they use either Low Voltage M (the 2 ball) or Low Voltage H (3 ball version) to push u away…

Now you have multiple way to punish…if its X-23, just air rush using either Talon Drive M or H, then dive toward trish, (the sword special will go away as soon as she gets hit), or super jump then use talon drive to get closer. If u are Ryu, then just shinku on reaction. If its Viper, MAYBE you can Seismo Hammer H to hit her out of the sword (not sure if it works). Also, if you are relative mid range away from the Trish when you have X-23, try punish the projectile with the qcf + 2 attack super (sry don’t know the name) or weapon X Prime Super. (since they have some invinicibility at the start, and I have seen X Prime goes through Round Harvest Super).

Also, if you have storm as assist, try using her whirlwind assist (long range projectile assist) that has priority over Low Voltage, and you can rush in while Super Jump (in theory), let us know if it works.


storms whirlwind beats almost every projectile in this game if you do it a little bit off the ground and first. If you want to get in quick, super triangle jump (super jump forward, dash downwards, S). Storms S attack has a lot of active frames and high priority.

You can bust a predictable zoner wide open w/ S. Hadouken.


I love EX Thunder Knuckle. It takes out every Sent Drone + whatever projectiles are on the screen and it even gives you the possibility of a box dash loop. I made an anti-ranged team w/ Magneto/Storm/Viper. EM Disruptor, Storm Whirlwind, dash forward EM Disruptor and repeat until you are in wavedash range.


Use Morrigan’s Astral Vision Hyper and just spam them back with Soul Fists all over the screen! It even can stop Spencer’s Bionic Arm!