Tips on getting out of corner pressure?

Having real trouble getting out of the corner especially vs cell. Having trouble vs cell in general so any additional tips on how to deal with him are appreciated.

A well times guard cancel switch or vanish tends to do the trick.

Reflect is a great one not to forget
Plasma, normal, switches and super dashes - it helps me out whenever I need it
especially when I’m getting smothered by AGohan or in your case Cell

what do you do direct after reflecting. My opponent just uses slide straight after and he’s back at pressuring me and I’m not sure what to use.

2H there ass, they’ll fuck up eventually, plus the other stuff people being saying (Deflect, GCS, Vanish, etc)

Thought I’d leave another tip for anyone new to the game.

Like in any fighting game, be patient, and get used to recognising when combo’s/block strings are ending. In a match with someone, keep an eye on where there’s gaps. As mentioned before using reflect followed by a jump is always nice to get out of trouble. That said try to notice your opponents patterns. If you notice that after reflecting your opponent is just sliding back in…use this information, as it suggests that they are probably mashing harder than they should…next time incorporate two reflects to catch the follow up.

In a game like DBFZ I’ve realised noticing the gaps of when your opponent is about to do a universal overhead especially, is a good moment to test them with a reflect. Once you start getting the better of players with this, even better players will begin to try and bait the reflect.

Hopefully the above helps whoever reads this.