Tips on how to do the tornado claw loops?

I hope you guys like this. Feel free to ask me any question you may have.

can you do the tornado claw loop with strom. because in order for me to do it i would have to back dash <br>

Does anyone know how to link it with Vergil’s rapid slash? It’s not working for me =\

Can I get some notations for the full combo?

anyone have tips on how to connect Wolvies otg with Vergil rapid slash assist? I am assuming that you call Vergil immediately upon landing and the otg is extremely delayed or something not exactly sure. trying to drop akuma tatsu for doom beam but i want to learn this before making the switch. any tips would be much appreciated. thanks

If it works anything like dorms dark hole( not sure because I never have and hate Vergil) try delaying he last j.s in your air string just a bit before trying to do the slide> tornado claw