Tips on how to improve my game?



I figure one of the best methods to improve is providing footage of me playing and having it critiqued.

Video here

WARNING: YouTube keeps messing up the audio on my videos so turn the volume down a ton!

I think I miss the sweep after crossup tatsu a few times but that’s not a regular occurrence, just something that for some inexplicable reason I seemed to be messing up in this match, so ignore that; everything else is open up to critique.


I think this is better placed in the Akuma boards :b


They’re dead.


-Execution (You keep missing air tatsu into sweep, which is a ridiculously easy cancel).
-No Antiairs (You’ve gotta start this).
-No Meter Management (What’s with the random EX demon flips?)
-Too many air fireballs (Barlog doesn’t decide to punish with Ultra frequently enough - These aren’t as safe as they sound).
-Improve your footsies (a summary from managing what pokes to use, how frequently to jump, whiff punishing, etc).
-No DP to punish dash punches (You were letting barlog run a show by not dping whenever you see a dash punch on reaction).
-Lack of knowledge over setups. (When getting a sweep, you should go for a palm + OS setup; it breaks armor (rendering ex dash punch useless) and the os can take care of any dash punches; general stuff like that).
-PUNISH AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE: When you got the neutral jump to connect in the second round, you only combo’d into sweep after. Why not followup with SHP Hadoken FADC SHP Light Tatsu DP? Just a basic example.

You are probably a lot better than the typically online player, but you haven’t really gotten your fundamentals set. Learn your matchups inside out and work on your fundementals.

#5 this three times
2. read this four times
3. do not take all advice as end-all information (ie: punishing as heavy as possible is not always the best idea as akuma if you can do tatsu, sweep -> set up on x character)
4. don’t try to learn too many things at once
5. avoid auto-pilot at all costs


Wow, just… wow… No wonder even Tokido and -6 keep missing it much more then you would expect from a ridiculously easy link xDDD


Do you mind linking me to 10 different videos showing me how frequently they’ve missed it? The cancel is not difficult to perform at all. I think the cancel you are referring to is ground tatsu into sweep, which is a completely different story. That’s a bitch to link considering that it has a different timing for a different character. I don’t even remember the last time Tokido, Eita, or -6 missed an air tatsu into sweep. It’s substandard compared to the frame perfect unblockables that they are able to hit.


Yeah i think scrub15 is referring to crossup tatsu into whatever. That is stupid easy. The tatsu-sweep is different and I miss it a shitload of times. Costs you matches man.


like something is canceled in cross up tatsu sweep …


I watched the first few rounds. It’s hard to judge a whole lot from one match against one player and one character, but here are the comments I have:

Good stuff:
-antiair demons. keep that up.
-good use of cross-up tatsu (even after all this time playing Akuma, I’ve never used it that much, and it’s so damn good so I’ve been trying to work it in more)
-some good use of sweeps to punish his whiffed dash punches and such
-not bad use of air fireballs… you could be even less predictable and trickier with them, but from what I saw, they were mostly safe and well placed, and mixed in with ground fireballs. very nice job neutral jumping repeatedly without throwing air fireballs. That’s something that really separates a lot of lower level Akuma’s from the good ones, for reasons I’m sure you already know
-good patience by staying away from him even when he was sitting there daring you to approach (although it did backfire in the end, it’s amazing how many players just can’t stand not to attack nearly the entire round). It was clear that you had a gameplan and were methodical in your approach rather than just going crazy. You are clearly aware of the value of staying safe and patient. Nice.
-you were able to use cr. mk into fireball to keep him out/apply pressure pretty well, buuuuut…

Things to work on:
-cr. mk into fireball is not safe (many characters can ultra after the blocked mk, or focus attack, and it’s very easy to forget about this until a high level player destroys you every round for throwing out cr. mk into fireball over and over). Plus it’s just not that great for damage. It’s fine to use sometimes, but you use it too much
-boxer isn’t a character you want to throw that many ground fireballs at, especially fierce red fireballs, because he has so many special moves with armor, plus a well-charged dash punch can obliterate you
-seems like your up-close/point blank range offense could use some work. Didn’t see too many combos starting from in close, and while Boxer isn’t the ideal character to just walk up to, once you get close and get some offensive moment against almost any character (grapplers often being exceptions), you should keep the pressure on with cr. jab, tick throws, overhead, etc. etc.
-you got thrown several times. getting thrown happens, but my guess is you need to pay more attention to teching throws
-as an above guy said, it takes a lot of balls at first but you can totally use fierce or ex srk when he dash punches, especially from all the way across the screen.
-you need to get better at blocking, which is something that can never be over-emphasized no matter how good you are.
-while your patience and desire to stay safe is commendable, unless you truly feel dedicated/suited to a very conservative gameplan, you could stand to put on more pressure other than cross up tatsu and meaty dive kicks. Like, it seems like your goal was pretty much to stay as far away from him as possible. Do you play like that all the time? If so, you should get more comfortable in your midrange game in addition to your point-blank game.


Just wondering if this is specific to akuma, or can you punish ryus into fireball with a fadc -> whatever as well


I’m not sure about everything regarding other characters, but I know Ryu’s is usually or maybe always a block string, which is a big part of why cr mk fireball is a much bigger and better part of his game. Ken’s is not I’m pretty positive. Akuma’s close fierce into fireball is a block string, though, which is amazing considering you can hit confirm and fadc for huge damage.


Oh true true, thanks for the help, hey you think if i post a few vids you cam critique my akuma as well?


Ryu’s is not always a true blockstring. low forward into ex fireball is. Ken’s and Akuma’s are less often true strings due to one frame slower startup. (Akuma’s ex fb is also same speed as normal ones, other chars’ ex fbs are usually faster)


Yeah for sure, just quote me so I’ll get an alert :slight_smile: