Tips on how to play better



I recorded an online match I had (from the pc version) as Dan and I was wondering how if there were any tips I could get. I know i’m not that much of a great player but I tried some of the tips that was written in this forum. (example: the WTF dan moment juggle) Any help would be apriciated. OH! any tips against Ken DC’ers would be nice as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: bah! I realized i can’t edit the topic title. It kinda sounds like as if i’m giving tips instead of asking tips… my bad :<

Also, I always wondered why Dan Hibiki doesn’t have a theme song in Street fighter 4. Anyone else realized that?


Tips vs. Ken DCers: Taunt more, it makes them feel the sting that much more when they see they have to pull the plug.

Make sure to punish those lard-ass FP Shoryukens with FP > Heavy Dankicks. It takes no meter and does more damage than the cr.MK > EX Koryuken you did.

If the guy had better execution, those jump-in Dankicks > Throw might not have worked too well. He should have had ample time to throw out a Shoryuken after that Hadoken, but I’m not sure.

Dan needs a theme song, with awesome Saikyo lyrics.

One trick (That shouldn’t be abused) is to approach with Heavy Dankicks. When it’s blocked, EX Koryuken as soon as possible or mixup with throw. It tends to work on those who don’t know the Dan matchup. I find it’s great for stuffing reflex Shoryuken users.


You didn’t dash when you landed that Focus Attack, if you weren’t in the corner you wouldn’t have caught him with the Shissou Buraiken.

Don’t use Air HK Dankuu, like, ever. Especially if you’re trying to hit grounded opponents, stick to Dan Knee. Only time I find Air HK Dankuu useful is against those pussy fireball spammers that shoot and jump away.

Don’t combo with EX Kouryuken, use regular version or use EX Dankuu if you’re unsure, damage is around the same, possibly more and it’s completely safe. I’d actually say you should use more EX Dankuu as it’s so awesome :tup:

I find that pretty much everyone will stay blocking after a Dankuu of any variety, that includes the SRK spammers. They probably try to throw out a trip but I always start off with throwing after blocked Dankuu, usually works :wink: If they catch on I’ll mix it up with Kouryukens and back dashing.

Hard to give a proper assessment vs a scrubby Ken. A nice trick I like to do is after a back throw pop over them with a Dan Knee then do a Kouryuken, most people seem to think it’s a missed attack and probably try to throw you or something and usually get caught by it. If they don’t then can mix it up with another throw, back dash or c.LK xx EX Dankuu works well.


People do that all the time, DC in their ultra animation, so it looks like they were “doing something” and not DCing. Its much harder to tell a rage quit on PC I imagine than console, as you can just alt f4, and dont need to actually shut your system off.

Agreed using hk danku in the air is risky, you were lucky you didnt get punished more. It does have its uses, I find it useful vs akuma.

To elaborate on what sugami said mk dan knee cross ups are useful, I usually start out attempting to throw again to feel them out. then once they start teching it, koryu on the cross up. Make no mistake its a gimmick, use it sparingly, so when you do they are surprised by it.


This has probably been asked before, but when I go in the training room, what exactly should I practice before I start hitting up some matches? Or basically speaking, what should I be practicing with Dan period?


I mostly practice the, gadouken in training mode, since its my main combo. I know I for one, should train more -> gadouken, since its a good poke. Oh, practicing dashing after using a move, since dashing is one of Dan’s greatest assets.


I always practice various fadc combos on a CPU controlled opponenet so it simulates a real fight to some respect. Even though I dont bust them out much in real matches, but if the opportunity presents itself.

i.e. or cr. mp or or> hp gado >fadc >s.HP >hk danku

all of the above >ex gado > FA crumble >Ultra.

I also like to practice footsies against CPU controlled opponents, like fighting matches using nothing but normal attacks to get comfortable using them more in certain situations, as dan users, I know theres a bit of fear involved in trying to go toe to toe in footsies with anyone.

practice cross ups.

I almost exclusively practice on CPU controlled opponents, except when I am just learning something, once I master the input I always work on cpu opponents to get used to doing it in real matches.

Unfortunately mind games and mix ups are one thing that needs to be used on real people to train, the CPU reads your inputs, so most tricks are useless vs them, i.e. standing in front of a CPU ryu the other day I tapped mp, the milli second I pressed the button he popped off an ultra, ludicrous.


Good thanks guys :tup:

Now I won’t go into training mode mindlessly beating up a static Dan clone.


Practice doing c.MK xx Gadouken xx Legendary Taunt xx Shissou Buraiken :tup:

Dan’s not very heavy on execution technique since he has no useful links and no FADC > Ultra. Practicing cross-ups are a good idea, get the distance down, the timing and the follow-up.

Hibiki-san likes doing MK Dankuu over opponent then c.LK xx EX Dankuu, if find the Dan Knee gives you more time so I just stick to Knee jumping over fallen opponents but the theory is the same for both versions. Using both Knee and MK version might add more confusion, still I gimmick or not I like it :tup:


Thanks for all the replies :smiley: I kind of realized that Dan isnt ment to just win but to have fun and that’s what matters. So I also re-started the hard trials from the 4th one (since i was stuck there). I hope i can pass it. God it’s so fusterating to do a EX Focus cancel +dash then do the HP + Dankukyaku…


Who says Dan isn’t meant to win.

Dan Ain’t No Joke!


You can probably cheat on the 4th trial, think I did the first time. Do an EX Focus Attack (as opposed to EX Focus Cancel) in the corner, time it right and you’ll get the crumple giving you more time to land the HP xx HK Dankuu afterwards :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean it as that way! I ment that Dan players aren’t ment to be like “Yeah! I won again and again!” and “OH HAXOR I CAN’T LOOSE” comment players. I’m glad that i’m playing with Dan and not with Ryu anymore. And damn I actually tried to play with Ryu and i realized I play way better with Dan now :rofl:

@ Sugami: Thansk for the tip! It actually helped me alot! Now i’m stuck at the last one. I watched a youtube video which is linked below:


though I can’t get the ex FA level 2 , in other words i can’t make dan crash the guard. any tips? :sweat:


The level 2 Focus isn’t meant to crash the guard, you can literally combo into it from the Gadouken, but the timing is very strict.


Yeah it’s the same as in #4, using an EX Gadouken so the timing isn’t too bad. Just need to release the instant it turns from a Lv1 Focus Attack into a Lv2 Focus Attack, that means you want to be actually releasing a bit before since there’s a bit of delay from releasing and the attack coming out.

If he blocks it you were too slow, if he doesn’t crumple you were too quick. Keep trying, you’ll get the timing down eventually :slight_smile:


I like to whiff lk danku when the opponent is on the ground…

lets me throw…or do a ex danku…or neutral jump…depending on the player


What would be ya’lls suggestions on what to prepare for a major tournament? Since Dan is quite disadvantaged, what tips and tricks help you come out on top against major players?

I’ve just Saikyo Koryuken’d Ryu out of his Ultra.


As a reversal wakeup or was he doing it standing next to you? Unlikely people will be throwing out random Ultras but the majority can easily be jumped over, ones that can’t you’re better off blocking as you’ll probably be closer for a better/easier punish.

Don’t try to jump over Shinkuu Hadouken when close-ish, fastest than Metsu, I learned that the hard way :stuck_out_tongue:


I was down and I was getting up, I did it by accident.


yeah everyone learns that one the hard way. his ultra can be right in your grill and you can jump it, the super, not so much.

All it makes me do is hate dans super more and more. Its obvious when ryu and ken players mash into their super and no matter what moves they do prior it will always hit to a point where they cant be punished if you dont block the opening attack, and ryu cant even be punished on block.

every body will throw out a random ultra if you pressure the bajesus out of them. Especially characters that have zero wakeup game vs dan.

gouken, bison, abel, sim, honda (unless he has ex, otherwise you can stuff all his wake ups with a lk dan kick), rufus (again, unless he has ex), fuerte (big time, lk danku can literally win you this match all by itself).

Ive become very good at predicting the wake up ultra with these characters, usually if you pressure them hard on wake up once they get their ultra, make that shit look like you are coming at them again and boom there it is. Sometimes they will do it, once they get an ultra, but most of the time they give you the benefit of the doubt that you are wary of the ultra when they first get it. eventually frustration will set in and the desperation ultra is coming.