Tips on how to put a fanta stick in a madcatz TE(and what to look out for)


so i decided to put a fanta in my TE since i tried the crown 303/307 series korean sticks and i hate them. theyre ok to get the idea of how a korean stick operates over a sanwa, but even with the fanta upgrade, theyre not good, have a huge deadzone, missed inputs and overall just feel like a chinese knockoff of a fanta.

so i looked into putting a fanta in my TE since all ive heard was “just drill the hole out and buy the kowal plate adapter and youll be set”…not so at all. i ran into several problems that if someone told me, id be happy.

1- you need to trim parts of the fanta so the mounting screws will fit. this was easy enough, just use a diagonal cutter or something since the plastic is soft, so it wont snap.

2- drill the hole with a step bit to 1 3/8ths, and go SLOW this was the biggest pain, for one theres no way i could use a normal cordless drill since it took forever and took a lot of power to drill through, and also i was going really fast at first and it started to separate the artwork and get shavings in between the plate and plastic. i might have to look into a plexi to put on top or something. youll also have to wiggle the step bit in the hole since its not exactly 1 3/8ths size

other than that it was pretty simple especially since i already had a harness from when i put the crown into it. all in all, im happy i did it because its superior to the crown and maybe even the sanwa imo, i didnt think it would be almost automatic, but im able to korean backdash like crazy now when i was barely able to with my crown or sanwa


Jesus - simply rotate the Fanta base by 90 degrees and screw the plate. nothing needs to be cut…


it’s not deep enough is it? I’m pretty sure cuts still need to be made

OP you could’ve also tried the 309MJ with a new grommet to see if you liked that but than again you said you hate those other crown products so it’d be hard to recommend any more even if they are different lol


if thats true im gonna be mad lol but i still dont think it would fit if i were to do that. did you personally do that?


you dont have to cut it if you rotate it. thats what i did personally lol


If you got a metric 35mm step drill and just rotated the base you would have saved so much time and energy. Lol, it thought that would have been obvious looking at other mods people have done. I plan to do this mod too and so I imagine the best way to go about this is slow and steady. Do you have more pictures or a recording of you cutting the panel and more advice for cutting the diameter wider?