Tips on link timing


I usually based it off of a few things, but I’d still love to hear how you guys time your links.


Sound and repetition. I’ll do it until it works and try to remember the rhythm of the link, then repeat it until it sticks.
Now when I started with fighting games that process could take multiple month of practice to get somewhat consistent with Street Fighter 4 one and two frame links.
In SFV it took me a couple of minutes to get into the rhythm and after a few weeks playing I’d hardly drop combos.

Nowadays all I play is Tekken 7, and my character has a couple of tough links, but I hardly go for them since there’s easier combo alternatives that sacrifice like 1-4 points of damage but being a lot more consistent.

Usually when people ask this stuff it is because they’re getting frustrated. The truth is that fighting games are hard and when you start out even simple combos can give you trouble. There’s no secret technique other than practice. Lots of practice.


There’s shortcuts like double tapping in SFV, plinking in SF4, but really, yeah, the solution is just practice. I started out double tapping every link in SFV just because I was learning the timings, but now only like full punish combos off crush counter that I rarely have the situation to perform do i still double tap. It all comes from repetition.


Yeah, if you play on stick there are techniques to make links easier, like the previous poster mentioned.
Double tapping can be used in pretty much every game, plinking is exclusive to SF4. If you wanna learn those techniques, google guides for them. There’s plenty.


Thanks guys. I’m a pad player and I have ok consistency. Sounds like you guys go about it the same. Plinking is complicated on a pad for me tbh.

What troubles me is cancelling from lights in sf4. Kof you can hold down to buffer in to cancels, in sf4 it seems I have to go to neutral first. Idk. I prefer to use lights in Juri’s game, good startup, decent frame data. Her links are pretty easy too, just shitty it’s hard to cancel for big damage.


In SFII and SFIV you can’t cancel from chained lights (I think maybe Evil Ryu can/could with one of his chains, but that was the exception).

If you want to cancel from a sequence of light attacks, you have to link them. So to do crouching light kick into crouching light punch into special, you would do:, cr.lp x (special move)

Instead of: x cr.lp x (special)

In this notation, the x represents a cancel (the next move is performed before the current one ends, thereby cancelling it) while the , represents a link (the next move is performed after the current one has ended).

You can also so something like:

cr.lp x st.lp, x (special)

i.e. you chain (cancel) the light attacks, then link into a medium, then cancel into special.


That’s what I figured out but thanks for the reply. I have to do, st.lp, down lk x qcb k.

I’ve been doing the stand lp into . It’s easy and easier to 2 in 1. Her far and stand lp both have +7 on hit.