Tips on my setup trying to go to EVO next year

So my team right now is x-23-a/zero-a/deadpool-b im trying to at least make this team my one and only due to the fact that i dont want to use another set-up/team. Im open to suggestions. I just dont want to end up with a wolvie/akuma/sentinel setup since a lot of people use it. Overrated and just to cheap for me to keep the whole sentinel assist and berserker slash expecting to always catch, or the constant dive kick. Im going through 360 since i rarely play ps3 and i feel like ps3 is a lot slower to me than 360. So if anyone has suggestions i will post a match soon so u can see the strategy i use.

X-23 really needs a good beam assist to help her establish offense. X-23 and Zero, Zero and Deadpool, or X-23 and Deadpool don’t really have any synergy, besides the DHC glitch.